~rainbow mondays~ never too late to bloom

red: aji colorado peppers from my perrenialized pepper plant

orange: rich lit the first fire in the woodstove on the (rainy) fall equinox.

yellow: the sunflowers had a few brief minutes of actual sun while they were open.

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~rainbow mondays~ showers and sunflowers


pink: looking out my front door at sunrise.

red: strawberry leaves turning strawberry-colored.

orange: dahlia at my good friend’s baby shower

yellow: quinn’s umbrella helping me protect my camera; sunflower finally about to bloom just in time to . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ showers and sunflowers

~rainbow mondays~ i want to be red today

red: fire breathing dragon, or alternately, a red fairy, dressed for his 4th day of school. quote, “i want to be red today.”

orange: nasturtium flowers munched on by grasshopper

yellow: is this the same spider who used to be white?

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~rainbow mondays~ foliage

red: hopi red dye amaranth volunteer

orange: fire sprites

yellow: goldenrod; always one of my favorite crayons in the box

green: always the easiest part of the rainbow to come by in oregon, 365 days a year.

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