simple poems

like a message in a bottle, or a time capsule i never intended to bury, i found these quotes waiting patiently in my drafts folder, and a quick search tells me i never published them. a little gift to me from my couple of years ago self, the electronic equivalent of scraps of paper found . . . → Read More: simple poems

simple poems

it’s been a long time since i posted some of these…

mama, you’re wearing your hair in a bun! it looks like a cimmanon bun, and i want to eat it!

i was talking to my bff and quinn was wanting to interrupt, but then he snuggled in with me under a throw blanket. . . . → Read More: simple poems

gems from the week

it’s been a very full week. not getting any less full today, though i have gotten through the clogged toilet, flat tire, and full day of developmental/neurological evaluation and i am still standing. ok i’m sitting. and i am still shaking a bit, but i will be alright and write more about all of . . . → Read More: gems from the week

simple poems

“over the sight

over the dreams

down in the wonderful

honey full



“from the redwood oceans… to the new york houses…. to the new york forests…”

~a saturday in april

“i can see . . . → Read More: simple poems

simple poems

mama, addressing sick boy while administering herbal remedies of some sort: “blah blah blah blah blah to help you heal.”

sniffly boy: “i like the word heal.”


“what is fire?”


“the letter E has 3 . . . → Read More: simple poems

simple poems

in your imagination…

a tree-trimming truck effortlessly becomes “a truck with a gi-hugic space mast!” ~10-2-11

“my first life was in alaska and i left my lights there…” ~10-5-11

(telling a story about quinn, bilbo, and the dwarves . . . → Read More: simple poems

simple poems and stories

“once there were a lot of people that planted a lot of seeds in the buried heavier in the rocks of the jetty boulders and the trees grew up and grew branches and from the branches shot fireworks!” ~6-30-11 (somewhere in there, i think he means “heather”)

“the top of . . . → Read More: simple poems and stories

simple poems

“the rain comes out of the moon’s tummy.” 1-8-11

“i’m the tooth giver” (tooth fairy) 1-28-11

“we should make our own muffin cases soon. (they are just paper)” 1-28-11

his people, in their garden, had an empty muffin wrapper (post-muffin) that he wouldn’t let . . . → Read More: simple poems

simple poems ~ story ice cream in a bowl

i knew that as soon as i posted about quinn’s little one-line poems, i would find a dozen more in some pile of pocket lint lodged for “safekeeping” in a very safe, undisclosed location in my house…. undisclosed to me, that is.


“the trees are making it wind

. . . → Read More: simple poems ~ story ice cream in a bowl

simple poems

many of the things my little boy says are poetry to my ears:

12-4-10 on our way somewhere… (i manage to gather a fraction of these bits of poems on scraps of paper and a few of them survive the trip through the laundry in the pocket of my jeans and . . . → Read More: simple poems