~rainbow mondays~ snow capped nest

This is my New York rainbow… as you may be able to guess, it features a lot of white! . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ snow capped nest

thankful thursday ~ more light

on my way to my first day back at work after the recent government shutdown, i mused that i was thinking a month of gratitude posts might be in order for february. my bff challenged me to go for it, and here we are! 28 days of gratitude it is! . . . → Read More: thankful thursday ~ more light

~rainbow mondays~ snow colors


it’s been a whirlwind week of fun with family in new york, and i have the rainbow to prove it. here is one of quinn’s hand-crafted birthday decorations, a rainbow octahedron, complete with barney the origami allosaurus, hanging in the rew kitchen!

we’ll start with white, the most abundant color in this . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ snow colors

~rainbow mondays~ snowing and growing

white: more snow on the coast!

red: quinn’s valentine’s day garb

orange: looking out the window at the snow.

orange: a glimpse at what my valentine . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ snowing and growing

~rainbow mondays~ and white

red and white: santa the snow man in profile, borrowing quinn’s hat.

orange and white: snow capped pumpkins

yellow and black: tiny sliver of moon

green: perler beads becoming quinn’s favorite ninja turtle, raphael, while . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ and white

very here now

i’m pleased with the steady creeping towards unpluggedness trend of my life lately. i am often to be found outside the reach of either cell phones or internet, and for two whole days last week i spent parts of it without power, landline, or any of that annoying stuff. if you’ve been watching the wacky . . . → Read More: very here now

quinn’s twenty-third month ~ self knowledge, christmas in ny, and bobbins




before i put quinn to bed, he and i were sitting on the couch we were just reading books and all of a sudden this ambulance went by and blared its siren JUST outside our house. it was really short- it wasn’t like when you hear it coming, it was just . . . → Read More: quinn’s twenty-third month ~ self knowledge, christmas in ny, and bobbins

quinn’s twenty-second month ~ “piddy yites”


some of his musical faves are: baby loves jazz taj mahal young at heart not for kids only jerry garcia and david grisman a children’s celebration of folk music in harmony (sesame street tribute)

but he really loves regular music just as much, honestly. i can put on michael franti and he is . . . → Read More: quinn’s twenty-second month ~ “piddy yites”