~rainbow mondays~ slowly unfurl

pink: practicing gratitude for daylight savings, and appreciating that i can be up before sunrise once again for a brief few weeks…

pink: my fiance comes home with his truck covered in cherry blossom snow each day lately.

red: then we walk around and . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ slowly unfurl

~black and white wednesday~ spring textures

date nights

bayou walks

dappled sunlight

wedding day imaginings




new beginnings

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yes yes yes!

around june 1st we started living in dragon house 2.0, and toasted our new home together with whiskey and cokes and organic peanut butter cups. although we are still finalizing details and sorting out technicalities in anticipation of actually closing the sale, and i hesitate to write much out of superstition, i have been strewing . . . → Read More: yes yes yes!

quinn’s twenty-seventh month ~ maybe yater, mama


we had new friends over saturday (renee from another lab at work, and her daughter 3.5 year old ellie, who is a cute button!). we played in the yard, the kids “painted” the dog house with water, from the little cups they had been making dandelion soup in… so cute. they ran . . . → Read More: quinn’s twenty-seventh month ~ maybe yater, mama