egg season

All the furred and feathered friends of Yaquina Bay have been very excited, flocking and frolicking around. . . . → Read More: egg season

~rainbow mondays~ equanimity

I perch and hover on this equinox, my compass needle steadying but this orienting is an active state, an attentive tending. . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ equanimity

~rainbow mondays~ spiral heart tunnels

why i love spring: metaphors for rebirth literally growing on trees; the mascot for lightness of being zooming past my head each time i walk out my door; the spiraling of life curling outward into the light; and oh, the light!

rainbow flash!

perhaps inspired by spring, my husband and i are . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ spiral heart tunnels

~rainbow mondays~ winter wishes, spring sunbeams


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

other posts you . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ winter wishes, spring sunbeams

~black and white wednesday~ this land

this land is your land, this land is my land

from california to the new york island

from the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters

this land was made for you and me

~woody guthrie

reason #9761 i know that i have found . . . → Read More: ~black and white wednesday~ this land

~rainbow mondays~ early blooms

on this st. patrick’s day morning, it felt particularly lucky to witness a rainbow right over the ocean.

red: the rest of this week’s rainbow monday photos are all flowers!!! our first rhododendrons of the year are the reds.

orange: . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ early blooms

around the farm ~ easter basket wheat grass

(easter 2011 wheatgrass, half-grown)

the wheatgrass easter basket idea has made the blog rounds for years and i don’t know whose original idea it was or i’d give credit. we are a week into our easter grass growth for 2013, but believe me, there is still plenty of time if you want . . . → Read More: around the farm ~ easter basket wheat grass