I like how they belong to each other. . . . → Read More: belong

educational priorities ~ a mamafesto ~ 2020 remix

As mama of a young man, I see it as one of my most important roles in his learning to make sure he is aware and competent around the concept of consent. By honoring Quinn’s integrity, boundaries, and self-direction in his learning, I am modeling consent. . . . → Read More: educational priorities ~ a mamafesto ~ 2020 remix

castles in the air

my bioregional swap partner (who also happens to be the creator of the bioregional swap) mary, sent me an amazing deck of cards. it is a set of 28 cards (number of days in a moon cycle) with photos that she took, and then passages written on the back of each one. she suggested bringing . . . → Read More: castles in the air

66% quality of life improvement

actually i have no idea how to quantify it, but there is some wonderful change-for-the-better in the works in coparenting land. as mentioned, there have been quite a few changes lately in our lives, and lately the daily transition times (change is our theme!) have been a bit more bumpy. since quinn was around 2, . . . → Read More: 66% quality of life improvement

radical potty unschooling

unschooling at its core is the recognition that learning happens through living- all the time, everywhere.

i’ve heard unschooling explained by some who describe the way a child learns to walk, and how a child doesn’t ever really need a lesson in walking- it just happens. a child can’t help but learn to walk, given . . . → Read More: radical potty unschooling