~rainbow mondays~ stop and smell the roses

and now, back to our regularly scheduled monday program.

not sure what color to name it, but it seemed like a good way to begin the week.

red: busy times. but you gotta make sure you stop and smell the roses.

orange: watch cat awaiting our return.

yellow: vacation lilies . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ stop and smell the roses

~rainbow mondays~ happy surprises and love everywhere i look

just 23 of my favorite images from the past few busy weeks.


red: seeing the vacation house spring blooms appearing is a happy side effect of living there 2 or 3 seasons longer than we originally anticipated. it has continued to be a haven of beautiful wonders to behold, you gotta love . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ happy surprises and love everywhere i look

~black and white wednesday~

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~rainbow mondays~ pink trees and pancakes

it’s a birthday week rainbow!

black: quinn outgrew rich’s son’s karate uniform, and now b pancake fits in it… almost! bringing her to karate was probably the highlight of quinn’s time with the pancakes…

pink: approaching cautiously, we are able to observe the elusive birthday man species in his natural setting (pink-flowered . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ pink trees and pancakes

~rainbow mondays~ comfort food

red: the vacation house is a dragon house, too.

orange: to kick off the weekend, quinn built his ideal band. i believe he had in mind to make this into a video game of sorts, hence the graph paper. he is especially jazzed about having two drum sets. his band also has 2 . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ comfort food

woodstove prayer

back on the home hunt, i am reminded of our peculiar set of non-negotiables in a house we might buy.

hers: bathtub

his: woodstove

i claim that he has more criteria than i do, including high ceilings, a garage and/or a basement he can use as a workshop, and generally, more space. i have some . . . → Read More: woodstove prayer

~rainbow mondays~ cozy cranberries and chai

red: cranberries simmering…

orange: a friday evening stroll on the beach with rich’s daughter and her fiance.

yellow: fall leaves glowing in the sun.

green: fairy habitat

blue: us, in the fading evening light, so we have multiple pairs of glasses and appear a bit dreamy. not a . . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ cozy cranberries and chai

~this moment~ breakfast with a view

school may be in session, but we still live at the vacation house. breakfast with a view.

~a friday ritual~

a photo capturing a moment from the week.

a simple, special moment.

a moment i want to pause, savor and . . . → Read More: ~this moment~ breakfast with a view

~rainbow mondays~ sun and moon

good morning glory! there are some vibrant sunrise (this morning) and sunset (last night) colors in this week’s rainbow, thanks to smoke blanketing the whole northwest. a little beauty coming of all the tragedy.

pink: sunrise roses

now that we’re awake…


red: afternoon apple at the vacation house

. . . → Read More: ~rainbow mondays~ sun and moon


this is it, right here: love.

i have emerged, victorious, from the peach frenzy of 2015. 63 quart jars plus 17 pints of peach bbq sauce. 152 pounds of peaches later, i am ready for a canning break, so i have decided to not bring home a single box of tomatoes until . . . → Read More: love