quinn’s fourth month ~ the baby caveman and the hot pocket

5/24 thurs

we went to the farmers market today and got blue potatoes and onions and spinach. then we stopped at a produce stand and asked if we could use their scale to weigh our baby. they said, “sure!” so we did! he weighs over 17 pounds now!!!

5/25 fri 13 weeks

Quinn and i went to the lab again today. he was very sleepy all morning and i did most of my work before he woke up to eat. he’s amazing on adventures- never complains, and seems happy just to look around a new place without needing to really be entertained. i think it helps that he’s in the kanagaroo pouch all the time, because he feels right at home there.

5/26 sat

this morning mommy went to yoga by herself and Quinn stayed home with dad! they had fun but didn’t take a nap or drink their milk… but that was ok since everyone was smiling when mommy came home. including mommy. we finished james and the giant peach today. (thanks, aunt liz!)

5/27 sun

my pants are officially falling down again, thanks to Quinn’s help with the weight loss. i need some inspiration to think of more foods i can eat that i’m not already sick of. we started reading mrs. frisby and the rats of NIMH today.

5/28 mon memorial day

velcro is no match for Quinn any longer. he pulled a giraffe off its velcro while sitting in his bouncy chair this morning. he’s also getting more practice at taking naps on his own (sans ella roo or mommy.)

5/29 tues

Quinn now holds onto a rattle very well. it seems like he acquired this skill overnight, and furthermore, he now thinks nothing of passing it from one hand to the other. at the risk of sounding overly scientific, like my son is someone i am carefully observing to test a hypothesis… no, i think it’s obvious that i’m just proud of how brilliant he is. 🙂 it’s very warm and Quinn didn’t take his usual naps today.

5/30 wed

Quinn also didn’t fall asleep last night until 11, which is highly unusual for him. but today he seems to be catching up on his sleep, taking his normal naps plus a few extra minutes on each one. it’s grampy’s birthday today.

5/31 thurs

Quinn’s newest sound is a smacking sound with his tongue on the roof of his mouth. we’re not sure where he picked it up, but when he practices it, he’ll do it over and over again for quite a while. quinn went with mom to the farmers market and then the grocery store.

6/1 fri

quinn and mommy went to work in the lab again today and actually logged 3 whole hours! he is a champ on the bus, and loves Deb and Nelio, treating them to lots of smiles.

6/2 sat

quinn has a lot of new vocalizations and his favorite thing lately is to squeal/laugh and try out how loud he can be. it’s super cute, and he is also good at quiet coos and ohs and gows. the taping is going well so far.

6/3 sun

quinn saw his first tall ships today! we went downtown to the portland rose festival where lady washington (of pirates of the caribbean fame) and hawaiian chieftain (which mommy sailed on a few times) were docked. our harvey gamage shirts and hats saved ys the $10 we would have spent to get on board. quinn slept through most of the tour but woke up near the end. then we spent the afternoon at steve and dena’s house for bodhi’s first birthday party (he’ll be 1 tomorrow!) it was awesome to see 4 little rugrats at varying ages and see how quickly they acquire amazing skills like walking without help and talking. quinn gave bodhi a big 3 month old open mouth birthday kiss.

6/4 mon

quinn’s lower right front tooth is now starting to appear. i predict it will beat his slow-moving canine and push its way through very soon. quinn slept alone for a little while this afternoon, but most of his naps have otherwise been in the sling, which in the recent 80+ degree weather has been renamed the Hot Pocket.

6/5 tues

honeysuckle! quinn is super cute when he smiles at our reflections in the mirror when i use it to put him in the sling.

6/6 wed

we went to mom and baby yoga today. before we left, i had quinn on his tummy on a quilt and he was pushing up with his hands and he slipped himself over to his back! i think he really surprised himself, based on the look on his face.

6/7 thurs

we’re starting a mommy weight-gain program. dad cooked up chicken and ground beef for me to add to every meal. thank god dairy is back in my life, i need the calories to keep my pants from falling off.

6/8 fri

quinn and i went to the lab today and did 3 hours of work, which made a total of 5 hours for the week (2 at home on the computer). grammy had surgery today but it all went smoothly.

6/9 sat

gray yucky day. we spent most of quinn’s naps on the couch, with him asleep on my lap, which was very sweet.

6/10 sun

went to watch the tall ships sail on the willamette river but discovered it’s pretty boring to watch from land. quinn slept through it. 🙂 lilies in bloom.

6/11 mon

today quinn started reaching to be picked up. once while he was in the baby caveman, and once he was on dad’s lap but wanted mommy. while he was on my lap he was raising up not only his legs and head, but lifting up his shoulders from my lap too. mary ellen had twins today! ellie and catelyn put together “only” weigh 11 lbs 11 oz, 4 oz shy of the mighty Quinn at birth.

6/12 tues

on tummy in baby caveman this morning, quinn practiced pushing up to look at the faces and the octopus.

6/13 wed

today, quinn and i took turns eating. he ate every hour and a half, and by mid-day he was ready for 2 hour nap/snack (continuous 2 hour feed!) perhaps he’ll grow an extra pound this week. on this kind of day, mommy gets nothing done other than eat and nurse.

6/14 thurs

quinn ate a lot again today, although not quite as much as yesterday.

6/15 fri

quinn and i spent a few hours at the lab today.

6/16 sat

uncle tim and aunt natalie came for a visit. they got to hold quinn finally, just in time before moving back east!

6/17 sun Father’s Day

uncle tim and aunt natalie spent a few more hours with us today, and then said farewell to their nephew and headed home to their move. before and after their visit quinn spent time with daddy for father’s day. quinn colored his second picture for a fathers day card, this time in forest green, daddy’s favorite color.

6/18 mon

dena and bodhi came over to go for a walk with us today- mom has been appreciating the company of other adults lately.

6/19 tues

we had deirdre and eavan over today for a walk and brought a picnic to the park with us. quinn towers over eavan, who is just 2 days younger, and he also has a full head of hair while eavan is nearly bald. the two babies were very interested in each other and i think we may have even documented them holding hands! 🙂

6/20 wed

toys of the day: 3 yogurt cups. went to mom and baby yoga class.

6/21 thurs  Solstice

went to steve and dena’s today to hang out with dena and bodhi in their backyard. bodhi splashed in the pool and stole quinn’s toys and threw them in the pool too. then he practiced sharing quinn’s toys. quinn took it all very well, and stuck his toys back in his mouth.

6/22 fri tim and nat’s first anniversary!

when quinn lays on his back and drops a toy that he is holding, he now tries to go after it, to grab and pick it up again. he stretches his whole body to do this, and it is easy to see that he’ll be rolling to his belly soon!

6/23 4 MONTHS!

quinn is four months old today! it seems impossible but he certainly has grown a lot and acquires new skills every day. he is such a cutie and sometimes i wonder how he can be so tolerant of me constantly smooching his cheeks. he is outgrowing so many clothes, he wears mostly 12-18 month sizes now. a lot of the 9 month clothes already went to the too-small pile. quinn is starting to get into touching our faces- exploring with his hands. i take off my glasses and let him go for it. i think he likes dada’s beard in particular. he also will grab my face and pull it toward him so he can suck my cheek- i think it is his latest version of a kiss.

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