quinn’s seventh month ~ squash meets baby approval


Quinn’s food repertoire continues to grow. He is still having one solid food meal a day, in the evening around our dinnertime. He has decided he likes apples after all. Also, he now eats pears, peaches and sweet potatoes.

I did not get much sleep this week; Quinn has had a very restless few nights of wanting to nurse just about all night long. A few nights I was awake at least every hour, if not more. On the 28th , the culprit revealed itself- Quinn’s upper left front incisor made its appearance! He slept much better after that. (I never knew how good that six hour stretch each night was until it was gone again temporarily!)

Other new and exciting teething news- now Quinn bites! Oh, it is exciting, but it is not fun. We’re still working on that one, it seems to be related to him checking out his new equipment and/or soothing the cutting process. It’s hard on mama though. And it’s the first time we’ve encountered a “no” situation which is mentally tough for both of us.

It’s fun to watch Quinn trying to crawl. He immediately flips to his belly if he’s laid down on his back to play, and if he is set down sitting upright, he dives forward to his belly. Then he alternates power kicking his legs and pushing up his torso with his arms. He will do this for very long periods of time- he’s very determined!


We spent labor day weekend at home in Portland, and our only excursion was to the Portland zoo. It was Quinn’s and my first visit there. We brought his stroller but for the early part of the day he wanted to be in the sling. He really enjoyed the Northwest exhibit, because the salmon, sturgeons, river otter and ducks were all in exhibits where you could see them both above and below the water (the otter doing somersaults, the ducks’ feet kicking, etc.)

Otherwise it was a normal week of hanging out with mommy- yoga, lab work, the usual. The new food of the week was carrots.

The most exciting thing this week was watching Quinn start to push back while he is on his belly and starting to get his belly off the floor!


over the weekend dad was working at a festival, so Quinn and i were on our own for the most part. We did stop by to visit dad, and since the festival was in sellwood, we also saw steve, dena and bodhi.

At home, Quinn witnessed mom in a frenzy of babyfood making activity. We made apples, pears, peaches, summer squash, zucchini and carrots. I had a blast. My cookbook “the petit appetit” told me to steam the fruits and veggies in their skins to keep the most vitamins, then peel, then puree. I filled up the ice cube trays a dozen times and put the little frozen portions into freezer bags. I think the book is on to something- the fruits turned out rosy instead of beige, and it is the best babyfood i have ever tasted.

Lab, yoga, lab…

Quinn can now get up on his hands and knees for longer and longer stretches, and sometimes he rocks forward and back as if he wants to launch himself across the floor (which I believe he does.)

Tooth number 4 appeared on 9/13 (upper right incisor)!


Add acorn squash and green beans to the list of Quinn-approved foods.

We went to the OMSI this week with Susan and her two sons Gryphon (3) and Ronan (11 mo). Quinn liked seeing the animals there (snakes, rats, lizards). He also took some good naps in the sling. Mom was happy to have company and to see the sciencey-geeky exhibits that make her feel right at home.

The usual lab routine, walks, etc. The news for this week is that 9/18 marked the arrival of Quinn’s 5th tooth! (Upper left, second incisor). Also, Quinn is “army crawling” now. Look out world!

9/21-9/23 7 MONTHS!

Quinn, his dad and i went for Quinn’s 4th camping trip… this time to the beach! We camped in Cape Lookout state park right on the coast, so we coudl spend the whole long weekend hiking on the beach. We had gorgeous weather and Quinn absolutely loved the beach. He had been to the coast at 6 weeks old, but slept through it, so this was his first time laying eyes on the ocean. Mom was so proud. He positively squealed with delight when we carried him close enough to the waves to see them coming up near our feet and receding again. He adored playing in the sand as well, yes, including eating it. He has a very adventurous palate. (He also sampled the dirt and twigs at our campsite, of course.) He ate his first eggs while camping. He had his first rides in our frame backpack carrier and apparently was quite comfy, given how well he napped in it. Mommy and Quinn even got to take a nap together on the beach. Such good memories and such a great place to wake up on his 7 month birthday!

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