quinn’s ninth month ~ tiger cub


Quinn is going to have another cousin! This time a Rew cousin- Aunt Natalie and Uncle Tim are peppermint! We found out this week and are very excited!

We did some mom and baby yoga this week and it may very well be our last time- Quinn was crawling all over the studio! We went to the lab as well. Quinn has been having a biting phase this week, a disgruntled mama notes.

Over the weekend we had Susan and Ro over to make samosas… MMMM. There are a lot of ingredients in Indian food!!! Quinn likes the potato/pea filling.

8 months 7 laundry helper


Quinn’s first Halloween was happy. We put him in his hand-me-down tiger costume, and took a picture. (I think next year will be more labor intensive, hehe.) The biting seems to be related to teething, since we have had a loooong week of teething. Quinn had a fever for 3 days, and lots of restless sleeping. He needs to nurse a lot (all night it seems) and is generally not himself. But it seems to be passing for now, though with no new teeth yet to show for the pain!

8 months 15 first halloween 4

We went to Barnes and Noble to spend a gift card, and got Quinn a bunch of new books- the snowy day, that’s not my dragon, squishy turtle and friends, hehe. He has been very interested in feeling the textures in his feely bugs book lately, so most of what we bought had similar touchy-feeliness going on. So far he is really enjoying the new ones!

He moves a lot. It is funny to watch him swim through a pile of toys across the floor, flinging each one behind him as he goes. “Get this out of my way. Get that out of my way….”

8 months 16 guitar 3

We have found something that makes this mellow baby cry- and no, I’m not talking about the teeth, that only merits fussing. Quinn will cry for the guitar. This is not just his parents being delusional, either. Not playing a guitar you have picked up to put away is a grievous crime. Literally, Quinn will start to bawl big crocodile tears. He seems to LONG for music and especially when he can see it, and then even more so if he can be involved in making it happen. Musical baby!

8 months 26 mom guitar 1


We’ve been wondering about Quinn’s future personality, how it will develop as he matures. We know him so far to be a determined yet patient little boy, from too many examples to even list. He can be very self-sufficient, but he also knows exactly how to draw a smile out of anyone. He loves to dance and move, and the fresh air calms him.

8 months 30 plaid 1

To me it seems Quinn is in a big time of transition- he has more different kinds of moods, and he tends to be more outgoing to get his needs met. Also, he has been quite varied in how he eats and sleeps, which all makes me think there is some crazy growth or development happening right now.

Over the weekend we went out to the gorge for a hike at horsetail falls. Quinn picked up a stick when we first got there and I was changing his diaper on the ground, and he held onto it the whole walk, and brought it home with him, too.

8 months 23 oneonta gorge 4

Some of his new things… He is starting to put his hands up over his head sometimes- usually while smiling or giggling hilariously. Sometimes he will do it while he is holding a toy in both hands, so he ends up with the toy on top of his head. He is really starting to get into the game of peekaboo- his special version is to come up to the coffee table when i am sitting on the couch, and he’ll peek over it, then under it, and wait for me to do the same, again giggling like a maniac. His newest babble is ne-ne-neh. We have determined that he says “tuh” to mean hot (it also means cat, of course, depending on the context). He has a new musical instrument- Daddy picked up a used piano keyboard and quinn is in LOVE with it, he will sit on our laps and play as long as we’ll sit there. He likes to reach up and push the little buttons, too, and he seems to be oddly attracted to the volume knob. He’ll bang on keys with his right hand and turn up the volume with his left, as if he is listening for the right volume and then, yeah, just right!

8 months 36 stuffing pear in mouth


As I mentioned, Quinn’s sleeping is variable. Lately he has done his longest stretches of night sleeping, up to 6-7 hours a few times. In the daytime, he has taken naps up to 3 hours long a couple of times as well. He alternates that with days of 4 half hour cat naps, hehe. On the 17th I saw him first start using alternate arms and legs while crawling. (It is still his special army crawl… deluxe.)

8 months 19 new bread bowl

11/21-11/23 9 MONTHS

uncle brendar came to visit! He took the train out here and Quinn and I picked him up from the train station. Quinn really enjoyed meeting his uncle, and they got to spend a lot of time playing on the floor together. Quinn is going through a stage of being wary of people, so he doesn’t like to be held for very long by anyone other than mom and dad, but he did let brendan hold him quite a few times. He seemed very interested in this new person who kept putting music on the stereo, much to Quinn’s enjoyment.

9 months 3 uncle b 3

Quinn started making a popping sound with his mouth. It’s something I’ve done to make him laugh since he was tiny, so it is so funny to see him do it now- he does it to make ME laugh.

He started pulling up to his knees on furniture! We are so impressed with this. He also uses the couch and the coffee table to pull up on.

8 months 12 first halloween 1

We’ve been reading a lot of books together. He has been fascinated for a long time with the mechanics of it- how to turn the pages. He is getting very good at using his thumbs to get individual pages in his board books to turn.

Quinn is now 33 inches tall, and weighs 28 lb.

8 months 29 beautiful boy

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