quinn’s fifteenth month ~ packing, playing, peekaboo and pears

new words this month:  Hi Pencil backpack peekaboo car duck play (bay) here there pear cheese


I accepted the job! I called from the park where I had quinn on the swings, and left kym a message that I’m taking it! Wow… big changes coming…

14 months 1 bum


went to the lab to work today while dada watched quinn. The few times they have done this, it has gone ok. He cries around naptimes but he does eventually fall asleep, and he is learning to take the bottle. As soon as I get home I am back on duty, full throttle, do not pass go. Sometimes I manage to wash my hands before the hand-off.


calling about housing rentals, working on laptop (from the lab, working at home) a little, figuring out truck logistics, giving landlord one month notice… I start new job june 2nd!

14 months 5 trike


quinn threw up all night. I’m not doing so well myself today… ugh. Hope it’s over quickly. It will make packing a bit easier if we’re healthy and getting a full night’s sleep again soon…



lots of time at the park today.

Aunt Lauren had a dream about quinn last night. They were playing and she picked him up and they were on a bench- he was walking on the bench while she held onto him; then he was standing on her leg and she was holding him (she said he was big for that though) and he would echo the words she would say. Then they sat on the floor and played and giggled. When he giggled, his eyes changed colors- first one blue and one green- then they switched and she said, “hey! What are you doing?” and he giggled more- purple and blue… etc. and her laughing made him laugh and do it more.

14 months 9apple


the last 3 nights q hasn’t slept through the night. Various wakings, like an hour after he goes to bed, or waking up at 5am, then going back to bed at 6. or last night, the worst one, awake from 2:30-5:30am and I hadn’t gone to bed till 11:30 so I am out of it today!


more housing searches. Quinn and I got him a high chair today off craigslist! It is an old wooden one. Very sturdy. I like it, and he loves it! He asks to be put in it and seems to be eating more- maybe just the novelty of it.

14 months 10 new high chair


I worked at the lab, then we drove to Newport! We actually got a hotel room in Lincoln city for the night, where q is jumping (on his knees) on the hotel bed. It must be genetically hardwired in human children!

front of new house


on our way to seal rock this morning to look at house #1, we saw orcas out of the car windows. Wow! House number one- carpet (ew) and HUGE and no chance for wood heat therefore electric would be SUPER expensive. But SO close to the beach… BUT house #2, right in Newport, is perfect size, has woodstove, huge fenced yard, 8 blocks to beach, 5 blocks to food coop, 12 to fred meyer… it’s better than we thought it would be! 3 miles to work for me (seal rock house is more like 12 miles.) wood and bamboo floord, new insulated windows, new energy efficient appliances, new (nice) paint, French doors to the yard, 3 bedrooms, (I get a craftroom! Yay!) and… a DISHWASHER! YAY!

14 months 12 guitar case


mother’s day. Got  home late last night, not a whole lot of celebrating going on.


lab day for mama.


95 degrees. Quinn in pool. Water boy.

14 months 25 napping on mama


dada’s last day of work


PACKING. Quinn is just going with the flow.

14 months 16 solo voyage in kayak


my last day of work! Quinn is 15 months old!!!!

14 months 20 cute feet in high chair

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