quinn’s twenty-fifth month ~ like playdough through a garlic press, these are the days of our lives









we opened a present from grammy and grampy the other night, and he played with it for about an hour, it’s a cool shape puzzle set from melissa and doug he talked all about “geen oval! yellow tiangle!” and stuff. then we painted- we have been doing a lot of that lately. (i need to buy more paint and PAPER.) he told me, “quinn miss grampy. quinn miss grammy.”








he figured out that the fridge magnets also stick to the fireplace… so he moves them back and forth. when he first
brought them, i think i have a pic of it someplace, he brought all the Qs, a few Ns, and a couple other random letters i think As. and had them all arranged. i was amazed how many letters he already recognizes and “sorts out”. but yeah my living room is like a preschool.

photo update! it seems like they are all blurry… he is so in motion right now, whatever he is doing, i guess that is why. and i don’t think there are many shots of his face, i need to do something about that!


the puzzle game from grammy and grampy



“yellow flowers” and rocks collected for mama.

touching a “nemma-nee”



cooking (birds eye view. you can see the bunnies and popcorn in the teakettle!)


this morning, quinn was SOOO cute. he was all cute wakey uppy like he always is, his cheeks waking up are my favorite thing in the whole world. (i donโ€™t know if it makes sense to say “cheeks wake up” but they do.) and he came
out to the living room and i had sort of “tidied” up and his kitchen set was all ready to play with, and he went straight to it, and started playing (dumping the bunnies/popcorn/raisin stew he made yesterday from colander to tea kettle to pot) and i asked if he wanted music. “yeah mama want to listen to hum peez.” SO cute.

yest i started singing him “i’m a little teapot” cuz he’s so enamored with his “berry berry my own teakettle” and he made me sing it (with motions) a million times. then he started singing “i’m a little teakettle”. ๐Ÿ˜€



baby bear in his new blanket


quinn was thrilled with me telling him that mama had been swimming in the bay in a red suit. he made me “do it again” and re-tell it and re-tell it and re-tell it….. when i asked him what books he read today with dada he said “snowy day” and “yoyax (lorax)” and then “swimming in the water!” apparently that was a fairy tale to him.

i went to yoga this morning before quinn woke up, and he did really well apparently. dada heard “where did mama go?” over the monitor, and went in, and quinn asked for “up on dada” and dada asked if he wanted to make some people muffins, and quinn said yeah! (he made people pasta yesterday- his little people all got cooked in the teakettle. then last night he and i made people muffins, which i told his dad this morning, he had one person in each of the muffin places in the muffin pan. last night we also painted the rainbow fish (his current favorite book for the last 3 days) which involved gluing silver shiny scales on the paper, then painting in the purple green and blue scales around them. it came out kinda cool. he was not wanting to go to bed at ALL last night but finally crashed at 9:30.




did i tell you quinn was 36 and 5/16 inches on his second birthday… over 3 feet! skinny mini. and his language is doing another big explosion, he is very much talking in sentences, using pronouns in all kinds of interesting ways, and just all around fun to talk to. i’ll never cease to be amazed at the newness that he continually brings… not sure how to express it… i mean it’s as if i thought i would get “used to” having this little person around, but because he is always growing and changing so much, there is always something new, like last night he asked me to “do ‘oh my sweetie'” to him, which was what i said to him earlier in the evening when he was feeling scared about something. i picked him up, hugged him a full body kind of hug, and said “oh my sweetie. i’m sorry you were scared…” so now, whenever he wants that, he just asks for “oh my sweetie”. happy day to me!






i love all his expressions. we were at the beach one day last week AFTER WORK yay and the light was just beautiful and my new desktop is among these pics… see if you can guess!!!


his new hat from aunt michele… with EARS, so cute.



yesterday on the way home from rumpus in the forest we did more rumpus on the beach. it was really foamy surf and also really windy and he loved running in the foam and watching it blow away in the wind!



we went yesterday for a drive down the coast, to see if we could see any whales migrating north (it’s the early end of the migration) and we DID see one whale! it was cool. i really only got a glimpse of it, but that’s ok. and i saw a few spouts out in the distance (i think) but it was really hard to see because there were also whitecaps on the water. but still it was nice.


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