quinn’s twenty-eighth month ~ heffalumps and woozles




a couple of quinn’s spiral drawings…. i am not making this up!


quinn coloring manic face


noah and quinn bubbles at fm


in dada’s kayak with his paddle



brand new yellow playdough we made yesterday

ย 004_02A



i’ve got a bunch of boxes packed….. i’m getting there. i cannot wait to be in our new house and just in one place again. iโ€™ve been talking to quinn a lot about the orange house (new house) and how we will bring baby kitty and our play table and our garbage cans…. last night just before bed he climbed on my lap on the couch and i asked if he wanted to talk a little before we go night night? and he said, “yeah do you wanna talk about the orange house?” he is so cute the way he wants/needs to hear stuff over and over again. i know it is how he learns so fast. the fact that he has read the lorax 50000 times is why, when he found 3 empty cat food cans on the floor all with blue labels (they have lots of different colors) he exclaimed “all my LIFE i’ve been searching for…. these blue ones!” (the lorax- ” those trees, those trees, those truffala tree! all my LIFE i’d been searching for trees such as these!”)



the orange house is good. it feels good there. hard to explain. the kitchen needs some help, need drawer handles and some more counter space. but the “earth huggy office” is getting settled in, the bedroom, we have one wall we get to paint and quinn has chosen “geen!” definitively (the opposite wall is purple- yay!) and we’ve slept there two nights now and i think it will be a good place. i still haven’t bathed in that amazing tub, but i did shower last night, good water pressure, one of those nice big round shower heads. if i drove 0.2 miles downhill from my house i’d be in the water!!!!!!!!!



i think it is so much easier now that i have a kid- to find a house that has a good “feel.” i just watch him, when we look at a place, and it is such an amazing indicator of how the place feels. he was so mellow and when we first looked at it with becka, just swept with her broom the whole time. and then when we looked with the landlord, we sat outside with her talking for a while and he just jabbered away about the garbage cans… i knew he felt at home there. i had that same thing when we looked for houses before moving out here to newport, we had stress at the other house we looked at, but then the “green house” he was mellow, and just let me hold him and walk around and look… not that i recommend having a kid JUST so you can find a good house, but i remember living in the house in berkeley (above the guitar store) and i never got that bad feel vibe, but that place had funky mojo.


quinn is doing SO well with the move. he has been angelic, and cute as a button. he woke up this morning, sat up, looked at the bare plywood wall in the bedroom and asked,, ” can i paint geen on the wall mama?” he is so excited to paint it! i am going to order milk paint, and try it out- it’s supposed to be the safest, least toxic kind of paint you can buy, and i’ve been curious how it looks and how it works, so this is a great opportunity to try it out… for future reference in my cabin out in the woods someday.



there was a woodpecker in the tree outside our bedroom window yesterday morning. it is nice at the orange house. ๐Ÿ™‚



last night i came home from work, and did not have to go and clean the green house anymore, and i just felt so good. i live here now. and yes it’s still crazy messy and some stuff is still in boxes, etc., but we made dough and made pizza and bread, and we read winnie the pooh in the rocking chair, and we have the essentials all moved in…


as for winnie the pooh, we are reading the real chapter book… we are almost done, we just started it on saturday at the FM, and we have read 2 plus chapters every night since reading 3 at the FM… he LOVES it and is devouring it. it’s awesome. we get to the end of 2 chapters, my eyes are closing, and he is like no let’s read more! but i am so excited he has such a great attention span, at least for pooh- it opens up so many new reading opportunities when you get bored with the same old story books.)


quinn is rocking to the indigo girls these days… ๐Ÿ™‚

not knowing what one wants…. can be such a source of discontent and horribleness in life, and i think that is why i am SOOOOOOOOOOO talkative about that aspect of my upbringing of quinn, that i think if i am doing one thing right, that is the thing. he is growing up knowing what he wants. and if it happens to be a hot dog and ranch… every night…. then so be it! i will serve it up with gladness in my soul that my son knows wtf he wants and says so!




naked nudie dinner in (old) backyard- you guessed it, hot dogs. and ranch. (i handed him a strawberry last night and he asked for some ranch to dip it in. sheesh!)


FM in rain pants. eating grapes. (i got more comments on his rain pants than any of my products. best handmedowns ever!)


FM, in the “tent” under my table

Photo1044 Photo1046

i think he really did some maturing during this whole move time and i think between that and me taking fewer and farther between pics for two weeks, it seems magnified how much he has changed in so short a time!



quinn is much better, hasn’t puked anymore since yesterday 7am. at 4am he woke up and said “can i wake up?” and i said yes but i’m very tired do you think we could lay back down? and he said “no i gotta get up” and i said what do you want to do “i gotta pyay” (play) so i asked him how he was feeling and he said “i feel a yittle better mama”. he was just done sleeping. but he is still very much exhausted, we “got up” and he laid on the futon in the living room, i brought him his playdough to squish a few anemones, and he ate some more green grapes and drank juice and had a hot dog and ranch (i know…sigh) he hasn’t wanted anymore milk since last night so i am sitting here pumping as i type this. i fell asleep next to him on the futon, and i’m pretty sure he fell back to sleep too, but he may have been lying there awake, i am not sure. i myself amย  quite exhausted. and of course i stayed up till 11 last night (he went to bed at 7 after a nice bath with me- he just laid there floating with his head on my arm, he was so limp and relaxed.) i cooked myself some yummy pasta with asparagus and fava beans from my veggie box (oh the love of the veggie box!) and then i sewed for 3 hours on those diapers- i am making progress, and my old machine is working great! the one that is already fixed is actually my old one that i got as a present for graduating from sixth grade. ๐Ÿ™‚


milk… it’s awesome. i have just been marveling about how he can go one day and be all “i’m over it” and maybe nurse like 5 times in 24 hours, and then the next day be sick and do super long marathon hour-long sessions every couple hours… and then today he’s over it again so i’m pumping. (i haven’t pumped much recently at all, though i do occasionally if i feel the need or am just curious how much iโ€™m producing.) my body seems to respond really readily to “make more, quick!” and not as readily to “make less now, quick!” so i’m glad i’m going the gradual weaning route…




quinn’s dreams… the other day he woke up and was nursing as he usually does, and when he stopped he told me “i was sailing in the green boat with dada and we threw the crab trap in the water splash! and pulled it up to see if there were any crabs in it….” basically his standard crabbing story, that they have been doing a lot recently, but he hadn’t done it the day before, and something made me ask, was that a dream? and he said “yup” and went back to nursing….



this morning the same thing- he paused nursing, said “noah camed upstairs and he was eating my snacks!” something which has never happened, and i knew then, it WAS a dream, so i said it again, was it a dream? Yeah! and as he continued nursing i told him how cool it was that he was dreaming and remembering what he dreamed about, and how it’s like having story time while you’re sleeping. it is SO COOL that he just “knows” that’s what it is, it’s not like we are born knowing the word dream, but he knew what i meant when i asked that.



quinn is much better. he stayed up till 11 with me as per his usual monday night habits. we made muffins, we listened to hum, he ate two hot dogs and 20 strawberries for dinner, he had some of my ice cream (i usually eat it after he goes to bed but i wanted some and knew he wasn’t going to bed ahead of me… he told me “that’s YUMMY” in a very serious voice) i pushed him around on his trike, and we read pooh (re-reading now… he likes the hunting woozles chapter at the moment) and it was a good mama quinn evening. his tum tum is all better and he is perky.

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