glass overflowing

something about the way the sprig of orange-mint was floating happily in this half-full glass of water, and maybe a little bit of it was the lush evergreens lurking outside my windowsill, made me think, “the glass is not just half full, the glass is overflowing!” life has been so good to me lately, and this is mostly a gratitude post. reflecting on times when my glass didn’t seem to be so full, i remember feeling a downward spiral of my inner world, while now in a time when life is comparatively abundant, things only seem to be spiraling upward- it’s a dynamic equilibrium, but i guess i operated as though at some point i’d get to a “stable” place and that would be “good” and there i’d be and yet… things keep somehow getting better… and better…. and better….. really? it is almost too good to be true. it started with basically needing to force myself to do even the most simple of self care. take a bath. make myself a cup of tea. drink a glass of water… even pouring water for myself, at times, has seemed insurmountable, that’s how bad i remember certain times being. but that water-pouring, tea-making, bath-taking habit has really grown on me, and i can’t help but notice, that now i care enough about myself to not only pour water but have fresh sprigs of mint on hand to add to the glass… it’s hard to pin it down and say that the blessings in my life right now come as a direct result of me taking the initiative to help myself out of a dark place, but sometimes it is just something i know and can feel in my bones. saying yes to myself, yes to abundance, yes to living life in the present moment…. these have made all the difference.

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