sunday (un)school

some people think unschooling is all about getting to sleep in, but i would disagree, it is about getting up whenever you want to. yesterday (sunday) we got up at 5:30 to catch a negative low tide (when the water is below mean low water level and therefore an unusual amount of beach and tidepools are exposed). at high tide all of what you can see in this picture is underwater:

this is how much fun it is to explore “balloon algae”:

we have found that only at the lowest low tides can we reach the tidepools where the sea urchins love to dwell. these are one of my favorite invertebrates!

you get to eat snack whenever and wherever you want, in unschool. and it is almost always organic. here you can see the trash we carried off the beach with us- mostly old fishing gear:

we decided to study a little geology:

but only until we got bored. then we decided to practice tossing rocks into the water, and coiling “kelp rope”:

mama took a little detour to stalk one of her herbal interests: angelica.

higher powers did tricky things with the light, reminding us of their presence among us:

unschooling is all the things we like about church, school and all of life, rolled into one, without all the things we don’t like.

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