reuse! idea number 4011…

ok, i haven’t really blogged 4011 ideas about reusing things. but i have at least that many ideas about the subject, and i am 4011 times as passionate about it as the next person on the street! here’s another random one for crafting… you know the foil inner wrapper that comes with your organic chocolate bar? (oh yeah, you know you do. you sneaky mamas!)

fun to cut and paste! so shiny and pretty! (i noticed later on, that quinn is wearing a hand-me-down gap sweatshirt that i sewed a scrap of sea turtle hawaiian print on- to avoid advertising for gap! and the upcycled wool sweater longies that i made for him- i can’t resist the combination of purple and red! this really is a post about reuse!) quickie crafts, so easy to jump right into before you are out of your sleepwear. (er um, yeah, because i would never let him leave the house in just his woollies…..)

looks awesome on dark colored paper. trace an outline- quinn requested a shark- and fill in with glue.

instant love shark! (quinn told me it was a love shark, for me. awww!) and love moon, too. quinn did most of the cutting and glue application, i did most of the sticking on of pieces of paper, so it was very much a team effort. the last time we did crafts with a shiny “treat” wrapper, we made rainbow fish (of the famous children’s book), using the shiny stuff for rainbow fish’s shiny scales, and painting in the other rainbow colored scales in watercolors. but saturday we were only really up for a 5 minute craft, and one that required zero planning or gathering (all our basic crafty stuff just stays out in the open, in our loft, where we have a giant canvas permanently spread out to protect the carpet- in itself a work of art i will someday hang up!) because then we were off to bigger and better things, like updating our babywearing photo collection

and ok, i guess sometimes the urge to get out of the house without extra conflict does OCCASIONALLY lead us to leave in woollies…. (he reminds me of christopher robin here!)

2 comments to reuse! idea number 4011…

  • I love so much about this post: the random number of 4011, the reusing of a basic material, the babywearing pic, the longies (!!!), the clothing brand cover idea, and probably more — that's just what I can think of off the top of my head :)) That pic is an all-time fav :)))))

  • marybethrew

    oh i should have added, 4011 is pronounced "forty-eleven" and it is the produce number for bananas. in case anyone was wondering. 🙂 thanks, v- i love that pic too, i can see the look of amusement on my face about trying to take self portraits with a phone, and i just look amazon tall (which of course, i am. lol).

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