all the world’s a boat

i’ve already gone on and on here about how my son will take a piece of rope and a beach-combed crab pot buoy and play “boat” for hours in a laundry basket… but it’s not just his imaginitive play world. his entire world centers around boats….

last night we finally “carved” our green pumpkin (heheheh. to eat!)

“look mama! now we have two big green boats!”

{he and i cut 15 and 18 inches, respectively, of our hair off over the holiday, and ever since, i can’t get a non-blurry picture of the little elf! methinks it’s also that there’s no light left in the universe… c’mon solstice!}

but it’s more than just the obvious half-pumpkin boats.

the moon was still visible this morning, as we made our morning commute. it’s as waned as it can be before “empty moon” (the opposite of full moon, get it?) so when i informed him it was almost new moon, he told me, “yeah, then it will be full moon again! but right now, the moon is just a tiny little boat!” mm-hmm. a magical, mysterious white shadow canoe in the sky!

rudiments of reading, via boat:

“look at all the O’s on this page. they look like buoys marching in a line!” (of course he loves Q’s even better- they have a little bit of rope tied on, so they can be crab traps!)

and even this….

last night: “i just love your milks! they seem just like buoys!”

the highest praise! one of the trillion reasons i dearly love the process of what i call cooperative weaning… this boy can articulate exactly what he loves about “having milk,” and i’m hoping he’ll remember how much like buoys (read: infinite joy) the milks are, if he someday has children of his own.

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  • Kristin

    Wow, that's a lot of hair!! Way to go Q and mb! Time to let it grow and do it all over again.. eh? 😉

    Love that Q gets to see the great things that mama milkers (or buoys!) can do! I have a feeling he is going to make one wise papa bear some day!

    My guilty pleasure is the show Deadliest Catch.. So each time you talk about crab fishing I get all giddy inside thinking of how much fun it must be for you both! (fyi: I do know it's much different for you guys doing it small scale, lol) I always tell the boys that I know a little boy that gets to go crab fishing with his mom and dad and tell them that we WILL do it one day. 🙂 Inspiration move me brightly.


    • marybethrew

      hahaha! i have never seen deadliest catch, but of course you can't live in a fishing town in oregon and not have heard of it. i try not to think about if quinn follows this passion through to a career… it truly is a deadly one, and obviously no mama wishes her son to be in harm's way! but as i said, i try not to go there. 🙂 he's only 3, world's of change can happen in the next many years…. when you want to come and visit, we will take your whole family crabbing. 😉

  • I love this, Mama!!!! All the world IS a boat :)) How fun. "Everywhere I go, I see boats" :)) Omgoodness about the hair! Can't wait to see a good pic (of both of you!) <3

    • marybethrew

      yeah the pictures! lol. i posted some to fb (i think you saw) but they are SO frigging blurry. there should be some coming via snail mail relatively soon that i used my good camera (with flash) for… so hopefully they'll be clearer.

  • mamaC

    He looks really cool! And free! (And blurry!)

    "I just love your milks" is such a very nice thing to say. I have to tell you that the whole Chrissie Hynde's milks thing is part of the lore here for J and me. (Q to his dada: "She has very nice milks!") Always gets a smile, too.

    Milk conversations are the best.

    • mb

      haha! i was reminiscing about q's remark about chrissie hynde's milks, as i wrote this post. i wonder if chrissie hynde would take it as a compliment that her milks seem like buoys…

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