he knows himself

favorite quotes from the weekend:

responding to a friend asking him if he goes to school:

“no, i don’t like school, so i’m not going to go.”

so interesting to me, because we’ve never really discussed it to the point where i knew his stance on the issue. i love that matter-of-factness. well, why would i do something i don’t like? hmmm. a lesson in there for myself, of course…. he rocks!

reaction to driving in a major metropolitan area:

“i don’t belong in a city.”

wow. amazing he knows that about himself, and such a solid way of stating it. i wonder how much of city life he remembers, from his first 14 months living in portland.

i always get little chills when he has this kind of certainty, out loud, right in front of me. he’s so self-possessed i just want to laugh and hug him and shout it from the rooftops (or post it on my blog. hehe.)

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