i couldn’t agree more with lisa at visionary mom that once we have formed an intention, the way to bring it to life is to dwell in it. simple as that- you live it, breathe it and talk about it, give it energy. so very law of attraction, i think! i love her idea so much about making a project out of your intention, that i am going to do it! so, with regard to the boaty liveaboard idea i posted the other day, i am going to do a weekly dwell-in-my-intention update on things, what i’ve been up to in research mode, and maybe even pepper it with some photos and candid thoughts on the whole boat scheme like,

“i wonder what baby kitty will think of living on a boat?” (isn’t she cute with all three afghans piled on her? she and quinn have a wonderful relationship of “doting” and “tolerating”. hehe.)

and “gosh wouldn’t it be awkward if my landlords were reading my blog?” and “thank goodness we love co-sleeping! that sure saves space!” and “we can eat crab for dinner every night if we want to.” you know, stuff like that.

let’s call it ~dwell~ and i will aim for thursdays, since today is one of those. if you’ve got similar intentional projects going on and want to do the same type of thing, please post a comment so we can all cheer each other on! for the record, right now my intention is to research this bad boy, and i will not judge myself harshly if this whole boat thing does not pan out- if that’s the case i will know it is for the best, that the choices i eventually make have been made in an intentional way and that i’ve done my work.

as for this past week, i’ve taken one research-oriented walking tour of the marina i have my eye on, and looked up and down piers C, D and E, for boats for sale- quite a few, not surprisingly, given the economy. nothing that caught my eye as “the” boat for us, but still a promising visit. it’s been soggy weather and walking hasn’t seemed appealing on my last few lunch breaks but i will start to make a habit of it on nice january days. ones that look like this:

~dwell~ is a project devoted to dwelling in my intentions- giving them energy and watching them take shape!

5 comments to ~dwell~

  • Kristin

    Yes, dwelling. I like it.

    I love your idea of living on a boat. It's so you. And, as far as space goes, totally doable. We are a family of five living in a 760sq ft home, and I believe we are all more connected and better off for it. How big are house boats anyways? I've neve actually *seen* one.

    I have been dwelling on uprooting my bushes in favor of a bigger grander herb garden in my front yard this year.. AND making it look good! Not nearly as big a dwelling as moving onto a houseboat. But a dwelling none the less.

    Wishing you luck on your journey through the possibilites of life on a boat! <3

  • Kristin


    Each time I read about your adventures into house-boating I wonder where and if you will continue to garden? Do you have community plots available?

  • marybethrew

    kristin- two very good points i have definitely had on my mind. first, i think we are "blessed" with too MUCh space in our current house. i think i lose time in both a practical sense (walking all the way from one end of the house to the other to get this or that) and in a quality sense (all that walking from point a to point b rather than just being present in the same space with quinn). second- yes i do have a community garden plot! it is as big as the one we have been using at home, and the one at home is under a big old tree anyway, so a bit more shade than ideal. i also would plan on doing lots of container gardening up on the deck of the boat, if at all possible (not sure how the salt air will treat the plants but i'm sure there are some tolerant ones!)

  • lb

    I love that you want to live on a boat! I had so much fun on mine (though it was more of a floating shoebox….)I know you guys will love it too :o) My kitties did well on it- Bella learned that it gravely unwise to run out the "backdoor" in pursuit of ducks or you will get an unwanted swim. There was something so peaceful about laying in bed and listening to the waves all around me. I'm so excited for you!!!

  • marybethrew

    lol bella!!!!

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