i had serious envy when i read this post about mothers’ circles in rhythm of the home a while back. it is a nice read and was ultimately very inspiring once i got past the envy… getting past the envy involved realizing that probably every mama who read that article, felt the same way as me, if they didn’t already have something like that in their lives.

on wednesday night, i took a stab at hosting some of my local mama friends at my place. i don’t know whether i would call it a mothers’ circle or not, but the four of us present were all mothers. i certainly don’t feel like any kind of spiritual leader (ack!) so there wasn’t a lot of ceremony involved, and i headlined it as a “crafting night” with the crafting optional and let it all kind of unfold however it would. all i really did was create some space for it (cleaned my house and baked a treat), and give it a spark (sent out an invite) and… unfold, it did!

i don’t know why i was nervous. don’t women, especially mamas, always know how to get past the differences and find the common ground? and don’t we all yearn for community? shortly into the evening, there was uterus discussion. birth, death, midwives, herbs, change, aging, moving, growth, pregnancy, on and on. we talked homesteading topics (chickens, goats, bees, you name it!) and of course, about our kids. i knit about three rows on my sock, in keeping with the ostensible theme. not nearly as productive as my friend who made a batch of coconut butter soap right there in my kitchen!

it was so. very. nice. i want to do it again! i am always one to wish i had a tribal community, where all the women are essentially family they are so close, and there is always support- emotional and physical- within reach. a little network of real live nearby people. i am thinking this small step (which for whatever reason, took so much courage) is the first step from wishing toward manifesting.

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  • isn't it funny how something so seemingly small can feel so HUGE and daunting?but then you do it and wonder why you waited or feared!so glad for you…one small step toward tribe!
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  • *Sigh* I so wish I had something like this where I live. It seems that all my like-minded, kindred-spirit, mama friends are online. I have really only one friend here in town that I could talk to about anything…but even still, we differ greatly when it comes to schooling and parenting our children.

    I'm so glad you were able to create this for yourself. It is so important to have that sense of community (I thrive on it) and to feel like a part of something bigger. I'm so thankful for the internet and blogging for this. They have definitely helped to fill a hole that was completely missing for me. xo
    Debbie recently posted..lazy weekend

  • Ah, now I'm jealous. I had relied so much on my friendship with a dear neighbor mama who lived only three doors down from me, and then she moved an hour away! There are so other great mamas in the area, but none so conveniently close. That just sounds so nice. I should try this…really I should…
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  • lb

    yay for sock knitting!!!!! We have a craft night once a month too! We are not mamas but its nice to get together with likeminded individuals for some good chatting (and nomming on goat cheese!)

  • Kristin

    mamaste~love it! envy for sure! Thanks for sharing mb!

  • You've got it all. All there in your big, kind, sweet heart. Love Katie xxx

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