a natural beauty

some natural goodness from right here where i live. weeds (from someone’s perspective, but not mine) in my backyard, from the mint family. a visit to the ocean’s edge on a brisk day. a brilliant yellow townsend’s warbler who has been regularly visiting our bird feeder. all to remind me of the goodness of right here and right now. and some borrowed song lyrics, because sometimes other artists have already said what i’m trying to say and why reinvent the wheel? (check out the way the little warbler was looking right at me in the last photo- “this is my message to you-oo-oo!” he chirped.)

“on the roller coaster ride

that my emotions have to take me on

i heard a newborn baby cry

through the night

i heard a perfect echo die

into an anonymous wall of digital sound

somewhere deep inside of my soul…

a natural beauty should be preserved like a monument to nature….

don’t judge yourself too harsh my love

someday you might find your soul in danger”

~neil young a natural beauty (as heard in my head, for i am afraid of all lyrics websites!)

“… sit by my doorstep

singin’ sweet songs

of melodies pure and true

this is my message to you-oo-oo:

don’t worry about a thing

’cause every little thing

is gonna be alright.”

~bob marley three little birds

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