wow it’s been a long time since i clipped this comic (or someone else did, on my behalf- it’s been so long, i don’t remember who to give credit to!) at the time, i was a schooner deckhand, which i only know because the clipping lives in my journal from that era. there is another one in the same journal which depicts two sailors in their bunks writing letters home, one asking the other, “how many apostrophes in fo’c’s’le?” (hehe- my spell check has no suggestions, but it’s pretty sure i’ve spelled it wrong.)

anyway, i was in love with the way housekeeping was done on the boats i lived on, and this 1950 housewife hosing down her year-2000 living room was a good analogy. you just lashed stuff down, turned on the pump, and let loose with the firehose. clean!

keeping my current house clean is an impossibility. it is too much space for just two of us. i have to take a walk to get the broom… it decreases my likelihood of sweeping, in some sort of non-linear manner.

but i’m definitely struggling with how everything could fit. this one seems a nice size, and built back in the time before they knew how little fiberglass they could get away with- very solid. i don’t think it’s for sale, in spite of the nice gentlemen on the docks who assured me, “every boat is for sale,” and that the two happiest days in a boat-owners life are the day he or she buys the boat, and the day they sell it. but on this boat- they have new halyards- they must be planning to take this thing out sailing soon… quinn really liked this one’s bright orange dockline. it’s the little things in life. we also really love the charm of this moorage up the river because, look at those awesome huge wooden cleats! they’d be fun to tie up to. they’re fun to balance on, too, if you’re almost four. (looking at how grown he is lately- oh man. words can’t describe the love in a mama’s heart at watching this young man grow…)

so i would say we are definitely still very much in the idea stage of this process… how about you?

~dwell~ is a project devoted to dwelling in my intentions- giving them energy and watching them take shape!

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