simple poems

“the rain comes out of the moon’s tummy.” 1-8-11

“i’m the tooth giver” (tooth fairy) 1-28-11

“we should make our own muffin cases soon. (they are just paper)” 1-28-11

his people, in their garden, had an empty muffin wrapper (post-muffin) that he wouldn’t let me compost yet because it was their round garden bed and they were “waiting for muffin season.” 1-28-11

“i decided you could be my milk spinner” 1-30-11

“my dream will be about big sunflowers, trees, rocks, holes in the snow, tracks in the snow.” 1-29-11

“i’m going to dream about sunflowers, trees and snow.” later, adding to his list: “totem poles, bus schedules, maps, buoys, rope, crab traps, fish traps, net…..”

6 comments to simple poems

  • Oh, mb, you have such a sweet little blog here, and your little guy is simply adorable!

  • Oh how I wish I saved more of those little quotes form my kiddos. I always feel like I will remember them forever, but…now I forget. I think I like the one about a milk spinner the best.

    Earth Mama recently posted..searching

    • marybethrew

      thanks, lisa. 🙂 he's been really into the ms. spider character from james and the giant peach lately, and in particular her ability to spin silk threads, so i absolutely love the idea of being his milk spinner. 🙂 i celebrate 48 months of spinning milk tomorrow on his birthday!

  • Ah…we've been spinning milk for 54 months…and Isaac just so…so gradually weaned that I almost missed it. Really. One day it had been a week and I realized…"hey, wait a minute." But then he'd nurse again…and go a few more days without. This went on for a couple months and now it's been at least three weeks since he's asked. It's bittersweet really, but I'm so glad he was able to do it at his own pace – for both him and me. I couldn't imagine having weaned him at a year or two and being comfortable with that. I remember once when he was really sick he wouldn't nurse because he was so stuffed up and I thought he was done. He was about 2 1/2. I cried. But the next day he founding me peeing on the toilet…crawled up and nursed for half an hour. HA! I love nursing…and am going to miss it but

    4 1/2 years was plenty and he decided when he was done and I'm so at peace with that.

    Love all you've captured here of Quinn. They are so sweet at this age. Love to you, mama. xo
    Debbie recently day

  • mb

    wow, debbie, 54 months! you go mama! 🙂 yeah i guess that's not too far off (counting on my fingers…), and sounds like just perfect timing- you and isaac sound like you are a wonderful team. 🙂 it is so great to hear other mamas' experiences in this, because it is an area that is so controversial in our society and i feel quite in the minority. quinn just did a stretch of 48 hours with no nursing while he was sick and stuffed up last week, and i had the same thoughts as you, is this gonna be it? and yet knowing it will just stretch out longer and longer but no, this was not it. 🙂 such a wonderful time to not rush things…
    mb recently posted..a month of unschool

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