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lots of random and inspiring things on my mind right now…

cue soundtrack

rachel’s thought-provoking post on technology ambivalence

sunchokes sound like an amazing staple crop i am going to have to try my hand at growing.

seeds into soil, seeds into soil, repeat.  my therapy. starting winter crops- i know! already.

mmmm. first of the season.

masanobu fukuoka’s one straw revolution. resonating a little more than is comfortable for me, as i contemplate how much i feel i am “over” being a scientist. feeling like i must be old, since my idea of daring is now reserved for such acts as taking books out of the library containing the word “revolution”. ah, life.

henna in size eleven, and my mama friend with a henna’d belly who is right now working on becoming mama to one more… sending sweet labor vibes to my dear friend!

about to fall asleep, gazing at his photo

my sweet boy, and how much i am going to miss him. i’m off to sea for ten days as of sunday, so this will be my last post until i return! he is the bravest kid i know. we’re living through every conceivable emotion, from pride (he is naming his whole fishing fleet after the f/v frosti, the boat mama will be on. his fleet includes the atlantic frosti, the east-north-west frosti…. and a dozen other boats with the same surname) right on through despair (last night at bedtime “don’t go on the frosti, mama” over and over again, murmuring sadly to me as the light of the full moon streamed onto us. we made a plan to bounce blown kisses off the moon to each other, while i am on the frosti.)

the snail seemed not the least intimidated

all the loose ends i need to tie up in my extraordinarily land-bound life. small detail bubbles surfacing slowly through the murky kelp forest of my mind, like “my cat will need to be fed” and “my garden will need to be watered” and “the mail will pile up” and “i need to put my etsy shop on vacation”. you know, little things. it’s amazing how long it has taken me to arrive at some of these conclusions.

one more gem of a post, for good measure. speaking to my soul, the way only animal medicine can. in this moment, feeling as though i am engulfed in a soundless underwater world, these particular animals are reminding me that maybe i’m not adrift at all. maybe, ironically, going to sea is my water woman way of getting grounded.

be well friends. i look forward to sailing home under that bridge, hugging this little man, and being right back here, home. ashore. the reluctant sailor- a feeling i would not have anticipated a decade ago!

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