~this moment~

~a friday ritual~

a photo capturing a moment from the week.

a simple, special moment.

a moment i want to pause, savor and remember.

4 comments to ~this moment~

  • Getting that belt through those little loops…good job, buddy! 🙂
    cpcable recently posted..Self-Portrait Tuesday | Mei Tai

  • mamaC

    Saw this pic somewhere else (in an unschooling pic post? with words about his motivation involving the need to hold his sword) and loved it but especially love it here.

    My boys are getting their first belts next month but I am dying to give them now. Lord, they will be happy 3-year-olds (Joe did mention the possibility/probability that their pants with belt loops will be all they want to wear, for awhile, and that is daunting since that gives us 3 pairs per boy, with the majority of their pants being pull-on, drawstring, etc.) I take encouragement in the fact that right now, they are loving putting on the silver studded belt from O's Brunnhilde Halloween costume, and they don't think twice about putting it through loops….

    I really really like your picture! sending love

  • mamaC

    By "they don't think twice about putting it through loops" I meant to convey that they don't bother with it at all, don't even think about belts "needing" to push through loops. They may not even be wearing pants at all—they just love the belt!

    And before I posted I was a little solemn realizing that we could get through the pants before I'm ready with clean ones (I could only think of two sets of cords & two sets of jeans with loops, when Joe mentioned that about the pants) but as I typed here I realized there's a double set of khakis that probably have loops, so with the six different pants we can probably accommodate a need for loops much of the time, if it comes up. The bigger problem is that they are set to outgrow those jeans & khakis, and I think the box of bigger sized pants I saved from O are all drawstring/pull-on elastic, including the jeans (no zippers, no loops….)

    • marybethrew

      ha! i thought that's what you meant about the loops- i was thinking, gosh they'd be young to care about loops! and then you came back to clarify. (they may not even be wearing pants at all- heee!) 🙂 and yes, isn't the outgrowing problem always the most prevalent! i am astounded by the size of this boy, and how rapidly it changes…

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