dada showed quinn the animated version of the the hobbit last week, and a lot of “quinn the wizard” play followed on its heels. i asked if he’d like to begin to read the hobbit, and he was tickled that there was a book in addition to a movie (bonus! ha). he wanted to start reading right away. i can relate to the book-following-movie aspect, as i finally read (and re-read) the trilogy after seeing the peter jackson movies for the first time. ohhhh. now i get it.

quinn is honing his storytelling craft on a near-constant basis, and last night (we have barely cracked open chapter two and the story of the trolls) he was telling me about a whole different set of dwarves and trolls (dwarves: glory, dory, tori, bory, nori, and…. pivie. trolls: tillium, lillium, and taddium.) quinn, in that version of the story, was the wizard, telling the story from first person point of view.

he has taken a renewed interest in his drawing book in the past week as well, after a season off. while he often requires me to sit right beside him for every stroke of the marker, and often asks me to draw some part of the picture (make circles for heads, for example), i turned around for a minute and came back and there was this:

“it’s gandalf and bilbo baggins. gandalf has a staff, and a wizard’s hat, and a bag of toys in his other hand for the hobbit to play with. and this is all the food that gandalf ate.”

oh, he is so grown! just like that. magic.

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