a month of unschool

~praying mantis found and studied, released in our garden on the squash plant as it was glowing in the afternoon sunshine~

~finished up our farmer’s market season… reflecting back on how much of a helper quinn was this year, compared to the last two. he took on a few jobs that he really enjoyed, such as attaching the bungee cords to secure our weights to our canopy legs (lest our tent blow away in the maritime breeze), and setting up the driftwood blocks into fairy houses, crab docks, and bridges, to show how they “work.” ~ learning to put on a belt was motivated by needing a place to sheath his sword, which recently acquired a name, sting.~

~which, of course, derives from reading the hobbit this month, very exciting! ~ drawing is back in style- quinn ebbs and flows with his artwork, and right now he is flowing.

~new shoes were needed, and since the purple ones with sparkles weren’t available in his size (his first choice!) we decided to sparkle up some plain black chucks~

~speaking of shoes… shoelaces! you are pretty close to tying those bunny ears, and did it once on your new marker case that we sewed  out of fabric (first skinny markers!)~ and mushroom hunting, and outing we did this month with dada. you brought your spear on the mushroom hunt, just in case.~

~hiking in beaver creek a few times: tracks, leaf boats, woolly bear caterpillars everywhere… and almost always a stick in his hand~

~crabbing again! twice this month, though the first time we caught one keeper, and the second time, none: end of the season for now~

~a special auntie sent a hand knit crab which is dearly loved already (crab being one of his spirit helpers, and all…)~ tuna canning helper labeled each and every jar i put up (somewhere around 20!)~

~music was played~marble tracks were built and ad libbed~tinker toys became sun gods~

~helped me dip all of our (first ever for both of us) fried green tomatoes… yum!~ and having lots of input on food these days, both helping in the kitchen and becoming very specific in requests for certain foods (“i’d like a hot dog, some ketchup, some ranch, a plate and a fork” or “can i have twelve cheese sticks and a bowl of applesauce?”)~ we paid a visit to the new pirate ship playground in town~


~as always, time was spent in the garden~ digging potatoes~ harvesting popcorn, shelling dry beans, hanging up sunflower heads to dry~  first artichoke, first brussels sprouts, for quinn i believe they were his first tastes of both, as well as being the first time of growing them for both of us~

i’m so happy to see stacy at sweet sky joining in with her own month of unschool! i am sporadic about the exact date of when i post mine, so it may never be the “this moment” of unschooling or anything ;), but i do love to see others’ unschool ideas and happenings, and would love for anyone interested to leave a link for others to enjoy.

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