wonderfully mysterious

i walked out into the first rain of december this morning (uhhh yeah, we’re a little behind here on the coast but shhh don’t tell anyone our secret! we like everyone to think the weather always sucks here!) and i actually felt happy about rain, so happy that i opted to walk in it, rather than under the eaves of the buildings of my workplace, where i usually lurk on my way between my office, my lab, and the building where the tea water is located. i soaked it in, just feeling happy. i think i am a happy person in general, but there may just be a teensy extra spring in my step something more like giddy right now. i filled my mug with jasmine tea, mmm.

i did a bunch of work, counting down the hours until yoga class… thinking back over a nice chat i had at the laundromat on monday…

speaking of yoga, my kiddo is really into it right now. ever since i parked my mat near the woodstove, he wants in on the action, and we’ve gotten into a little routine right before bedtime. unfortunately, he is really into poses that are not super relaxing and it gets us amped just in time to try to settle into bed, but it is still fun to see him into it. last night he kept flipping over into plow, basically the whole time. i did get him to rest in child’s pose by giving him a nice backrub, but otherwise he is all about being fierce animals and making up brand new poses with new names he makes up on the spot. i taught him lion pose (good for opening your sinuses!) and he adores it. now he asks me to do tree pose while he does lion pose, which scares the tree into toppling over on him. he asked for his own yoga mat, in pink.

yesterday we were just about the only patrons of the aquarium, and spent a long time in the shark exhibit, drawing sharks, rays and salmon in our drawing books.

i’m headed to the post office now, before they close. it should be really fun. because right at the moment nothing, not even a line at the post office, can get me down.

oh, and, i got this fortune cookie at lunch on tuesday:

“someone thinks you are wonderfully mysterious”


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