a month of unschool

~the pictures are always so dimly lit this time of year… but i noticed i could see my hands this morning as i was getting in my car, and i can tell there will be sufficient daylight for photography soon! ~ holidays are great unschool time: what’s not educational about sending a slinky down a block staircase?~ quinn’s new guitar was a big highlight of his christmas ~ as was the trip to the yurt, where he really started practicing sleeping on his own (top bunk) in earnest ~ ebay bulk legos are a fun new way to play creatively ~ knot tying is always a fun occupation when you’ve got imaginary crab traps to set ~

~books this month: the princess bride (s. morganstern) and amy’s eyes (richard kennedy) as well as lots of dinosaur reading, a book of native american stories called echoes of the elders, and some old favorites like amos and boris, and buoy. ~ getting outside is a rare treat this time of year but so needed: drawing on the beach again, and creating raccoon tracks to surprise the next people who might come along ~ helping make homemade pasta~

~he used all of the insect stickers grammy put in his stocking to make a beautiful forest drawing and told an elaborate story to us while he placed each sticker, going into great detail about the interactions between the bugs and how they were treating each other~ used his markers to work on addition of some bigger numbers than he had been tackling, and grouping/multiplying a bit as well ~ touched up the paint job on one of his homemade boats ~ was a rockstar (in batman sunglasses) for his trip to the dentist for cleaning (can i be proud that he chooses raspberry toothpaste over bubblegum and cookie dough? and what is up with dentists using those flavors anyway?!)~

~drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing… also lots more coloring (in coloring books) than he had been doing previously. he is very focused on art these days. (do i sound like a broken record?) ~ and of course, we learned all about snow! more than we have had a chance to learn in all the time we’ve lived in newport. speaking with 18 solid years of lake-effect upstate new york blizzard experience, this was a the good packing snowball-rolling kind of snow. alas, it was all gone the next morning! 😉

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  • mamaC

    I loved seeing the "told an elaborate story to US" part (noting the "us.") I can only remember "watermelon" was one of the flavors at our dentist appointment. Or maybe it was just "melon" (because I remember being kind of surprised.) They might have done fruit or mint as their choices. Or maybe it was melon or blueberry. I think your dentist's options are kinda sketchy! lol (Akin, slightly, to getting a lollipop when you'd leave your doctor's office after checkups in the "old days"–now they all do stickers, I think.)

  • Looks like things are chugging along nicely in your end of the world 🙂 I can't get over what an amazing mum you are, honestly, the world needs more mums like you!
    Celynne recently posted..Over The Rainbow

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