another weekend in paradise

this photo was actually from last week in paradise, not technically over the weekend, but it’s here for rachel, who wrote an article about rolling your kids in dirt that i hope i get to read! i’m a firm believer in the dirt theory of childhood immunity, as you can see from exhibit a.

we had glorious weekend weather, and with birthdays straddling either side of the weekend, it of course added to the spirit of celebration we were already feeling about getting to be outside and soaking up sunshine. the trilliums (one of my favorites) arrived just in time for my birthday, as usual. (mine was last tuesday, and today is my man’s birthday- happy birthday, sweetie! feel free to make jokes about zodiacal compatibility of two aries in the comments, everyone. we will hug each other and laugh and prove you wrong. ;))

quinn and i stopped at seal rock after work on friday, and were unable to fly his kite due to lack of wind. on the other hand, we hung out there for close to 2 hours, which on a windy day is fairly impossible! more sand drawings were created…

quinn started this velociraptor drawing from the claw on the hind foot. seems a logical place to start, really! he was using a stick that was forked on one end as his drawing utensil, and here it doubled as t. rex horns.

with my two small  pancake assistants, i got a lot more work done on plant starts in the greenhouse, where temperatures soared to a balmy 70 degrees F two days in a row.

baby pancake was pretty content to be rolled in dirt, as well as fairly damp from watering the starts with her cute chubby hands, but when she tried to take a sip of rain water from her watering can and doused her whole front, the hour or so of  greenhouse bliss came to an abrupt end for her.

and there’s my honey, mr. chainsaw, halfway up the ornamental cherry tree, relieving it of some of its top-heaviness that caused it trauma during our snow event of last month. when i called him mr. chainsaw in front of quinn, the boy chimed in, “and mama, you are mrs. chainsaw!” yeah.

we celebrated a happy “easter egg day” yesterday, calling it “good enough” with standard food coloring this time around the sun, and quinn scored a dinosaur sticker encyclopedia and some bunny fruit snacks. by bedtime, he had a really hard time stepping away from the sticker encyclopedia. what’s a boy to do when he has 600+ dinosaur stickers to be dealt with? (it was a good amazon gamble on a $0.01 “used” book that ended up being brand new with nary a sticker missing.)

the earthworms squirmed, the rhodies bloomed, the hummingbirds zoomed, the newts swam around the pond respiring through their porous sensitive skin that wasn’t soaking up anything toxic at all , bragging about how clean and pure everything is here on the homestead. the mama spent the weekend with her fingers in the soil, which was finally dry enough to break ground and put in some baby raspberries and some mature strawberry plants that have been wishing to get their cramped roots out of their pots for several years now. i can almost hear them sighing with relief as they sink their roots into the expansive space they now get to inhabit.

i find myself sighing like that a lot lately, too.

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