~around the farm~ sweet tangerine

the farm now features a chest freezer and a “pantry”. there is no before picture of the pantry because a pile on the floor is too unruly to be captured in pixels, but here is the fuzzy after photo.

there’s my furniture (is a chest freezer “furniture”?). yeah, that’s pretty much all of it. (i am not a minimalist with stuff, only with furniture. the boxes are ridiculous! two pack rats fell in love, i tell ya. we may need an intervention.)

it’s been toasty in the greenhouse, so the garden has been left to its own devices for the most part while we finish moving.

the toastiness ripened our first tomatoes- sweet tangerine is the variety. yummy!

the garden is now receiving the overflow from our spring-fed water tank, via soaker hose. otherwise these fall/winter plantings would also be toasty. my man takes unemployment pretty seriously and has accomplished an insane amount of work around the homestead. (i can take no credit on the garden-watering project. or the staggering amount of firewood. and  as of last night he’s already got his new job lined up, hurray!)

the migratory dragonflies are in town, loving the heat. i don’t think the major migration is in full swing yet.

meanwhile, in between bouts of moving frenzy, we are relaxing in the sun, eating peas and salads, and listening to the bees hum. this life is the bee’s knees!

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