boy wonder

“kinn! kinn!” were the first words out of the baby pancake’s mouth when she saw me this weekend. “kinn” was spending the weekend with his dad, but he was definitely missed by the rest of the pancakes. we basically ate and ate, and then ate some more. the next baby pancake will be arriving any time now, and big sister pancake is working on her vocabulary at top speed.

i’ve dug myself out from under 200 pounds of tomatoes. they are tucked in their jars, and there are cucumbers dripping off the vines in the greenhouse… patience is a virtue here on the coast. two more dahlias to report: red with yellow center, and baby pink:

when i picked quinn up monday, i asked him if he’d like to do another beach walk, and he quickly answered that he would. i pulled over at the same beach we went to last time, just before our turn off to go inland to our home in the forest. this time we were batman and robin and we fought bad guys. he persuaded one reluctant boy wonder to roll up jeans and wade across the mighty beaver creek (actually not very mighty since it’s october and our rain hasn’t showed up yet). then he started climbing up the cliff on the other side to better trap our enemies in a net. my job was to go back down and tie up the net once it had been deployed onto the bad guys.

“do batman and robin fly?” he asked me. i said i thought so, i was pretty sure their capes helped them do it. but do they have wings? umm… good question. he let me know that if he had a cape, he’d want it to be red on one side, orange on the other, and have black and white at the bottom. handmade christmas present, coming up.

beach diplodocus

as we were about to ford the river back across, i suggested we toss the bad guys in the creek, rather than keep carrying them (we had been headed to put them in jail according to his plan) and at first he liked that plan, “yeah, let the sharks eat them!” but then he decided that the bad guys all wanted to go free and all promised they’d be nice, so we let them go. then we pretend-canoed back across to head for the batmobile. we put our bat shoes back on, “but you can carry my bat socks.” my pleasure, batman.

when we got back to the batmobile, we switched roles since i would be driving. “you can be batman and i can be robin, mama, since you are driving the batmobile,” said the boy wonder.



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  • tim

    So cute I threw up. narf barf. t'is unfortunate though that you may have misled him to thinking that batman and robin can fly using their capes. they are mere mortals, and have no "super" powers, as it were. rather, they rely on fancy technology, such as the Batwing, in order to fly, and rather than leaping tall buildings in a single bound, they merely use grappling hooks. Not sure what part of a typical building is suited to grappling hookage, but they make it work anyway. that's a fine diplodocus by the way… almost looks like someone uncovered it with a little hand trowel and a brush at a dig site.

  • marybethrew

    uncles are so handy to have around, he will be grateful for this info!!! i wonder how one would go about making a batwing….

  • lau

    ah yes…..batman and all his TOYS….i was thinking bat mobile drives and flies…..

  • Leticia

    Felipe would have loved that diplodocus! We once measured and drew a life-size chalk diplodocus in the street :o)

  • mamaC

    Yes, mighty fine. Inspiring photo & story. I am realizing that I need to get my dinosaur chops in better shape (or maybe just get some dinosaur chops, period) because my boys are interested and curious and receptive but I haven't had that much to give. I remember (from when my brother's oldest was that age) thinking that there were some "new" dinosaurs.

    Nice info on the dream cape. And at least you kept your answer open-ended. I've noticed that my little ones all speak in the most open-ended ways…."probably," "maybe," "perhaps," "most likely," "I imagine so," "not sure but I think so." Perhaps because I do as well, lol.

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