~a month of unschool~ scrabble tiles and allen wrenches

another back-dated month of unschooling, so my recollections will be hazy. (i am posting this as of june 2013.)

Photo1173 Photo1176 Photo1251 Photo1252

~fall gardening, apple picking, and apple cider pressing~


Photo1179 Photo1184 Photo1185

 ~being a food dryer helper, making ants on a log, inventing ants in a mud puddle~

Photo1178 Photo1301

~playing dinosaur train, building his new bed (including following the diagrams and letter codes in the instructions from ikea! if using an allen wrench is not an important life skill, i don’t know what is.)~

Photo1183 Photo1188 Photo1202 Photo1203

~drawing dinosaurs and dragons~

Photo1193 Photo1263

~more drawing; habitats and wizard chess games~

Photo1201 Photo1214 Photo1241 Photo1244 Photo1286

~pretending; how to train your dragon inspired lots of pretend play this month, but we also did batman/robin, harry potter, and other themes~

Photo1223 Photo1262

~flirting with reading… spelling using scrabble tiles, perusing fox in socks~


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