more love and more light

there is a signed custody judgement.what a relief!!!

happy solstice! there’s more light from here on out!

remember this? time to draw another big tree in this image. yes, we have definitely put down more roots.

since i will not be online tomorrow, and it falls in the same vein of bringing more light and love to the world, i have a few happy anniversaries to dish out.

my godparents will have been married 50 years as of tomorrow. wow.

my mom and dad celebrated 37 years, yesterday!

my brother and sister in law have been dating for 8 years, as of tomorrow, and engaged for 7. if i did my math right.

and last but not least!

tomorrow i will have spent a whole year with this shady character:

we’ve been through a lot in just the one year. i am happy to report that we have only ever argued over whether or not one should rinse eggs before cracking them. and i will gladly rinse all of your eggs for you, my love, for 98 more years, if i can be lucky enough to spend those 98 years with you.

there’s only going to be more love from here on out.

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