i will now slay you with cuteness


last saturday, we stopped at the farmer’s market on our way to the children’s festibal. we had a tip from a friend that a baby lamb was in attendance at the market that day, and indeed, little elf was wrapped in a towel and sitting at the booth with her farmers.


they know quinn and i pretty well, and know i’m a farm girl, and quinn was clearly enraptured by this little 6-day old lamb, and when they offered to let quinn hold her, he was excited.


we sat right down on the concrete floor and he received a bundle of wool in his lap. at first elf was nervous, but soon she was relaxed, and after a while she even fell asleep on him.



after a while, we were allowed to feed her some electrolytes from a bottle. she had to come to market because she had been born a triplet, and her mama had decided to focus on just two babies, so elf was being raised by humans instead. elf was underweight (only 3 pounds at birth) and needed feeding every 3 hours, so could not stay home and wait for her next feeding after the market ended that day.


which worked out great for us.

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