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it’s been a very full week. not getting any less full today, though i have gotten through the clogged toilet, flat tire, and full day of developmental/neurological evaluation and i am still standing. ok i’m sitting. and i am still shaking a bit, but i will be alright and write more about all of that soon. (not the toilet. you know.)




all of that to say, i have not had a chance to post this week and this won’t be much of a zinger either. but i did want to make sure and capture the one gem from the week i managed to remember, from a bob book reading session when quinn told me, โ€œi can just read it to myself in unhearable talking!โ€ have a good weekend, folks, and treat yourself to a nice book and some unhearable talking. i plan to do that tonight, in a hot bathtub, just as soon as i finish reading (in hearable talking) harry potter and the half blood prince and tucking in the little brilliant boy i love most.


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  • lb

    Every time I see him in his Steggie my subcockles are warmed ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lau

    Quinn has such an amazing way with words ๐Ÿ˜€ He must get that from his babe of a mama ๐Ÿ˜€ Unhearable Talking …. sounds so much better than the word reading : D:D LOVE TO YOU ALL

  • Leticia

    Oh mb, I don’t think I could live without these words you share… your own and that brilliant boy’s. I love you both.

  • tim

    wow, I didn’t expect you’d already be reading book 6 to Quinn. I can’t imagine Talan getting through that a year from now. Though mostly because of .

  • tim

    wow, I didnโ€™t expect youโ€™d already be reading book 6 to Quinn. I canโ€™t imagine Talan getting through that a year from now. Though mostly because of .

    Whoa, it actually redacted my spoiler better than I did.

    • ~mb~

      yeah i know. i wasn\’t thinking i\’d start the first one until he was 8, but then my coparent showed him all the movies that are out, and it seemed like the time was right. we read the scarier parts during daylight hours… it seems to work fine for him, though i know i would not have done well with it as a kid. i guess you never know…

  • mamaC

    Awesome! I was reading this post in unhearable talking, too. My boys are starting to do things (with letters, sounds, words) that I can remember Quinn doing/saying. It is cool to find them making me “remember” and “recall” Quinn. It sounds like life is full & like the moments can be heavy. I definitely can relate.

  • I think you’re being called, mb, to a participate in a deep, hard, wild journey. It reminds me of the vow Buddhist practitioners take to use all life circumstances to deepen their practice. I am sending you a squeezy hug.
    rachel recently posted..launching!

  • ~mb~

    wow thanks all of you for the words of encouragement- maybe my exhaustion came through the post? i love you all.

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