the bee’s knees

pretending at the park, quinn, who was a fish at the time, climbed out of his fish tank because i said it was time to go, and asked me to wait up. he wanted to hold my hand, and as he grabbed it, he said, “now let’s pretend we are married.”


i played along, curious why he had been thinking about marriage. i asked if he was thinking of the characters in harry potter (we just started the 7th book, and near the beginning two sets of well-known characters get married), but he said no. i asked him what made him think of it, then, and he replied, “k (a little girl friend of ours) was talking about it. we were pretending to get married when we were playing house. but i can’t get married, because i don’t know the dance.” i hid my smile with some difficulty, and let him know that i think he might not want to get married until he is a little bit older anyway, but that i thought one could actually get married without knowing how to dance at all. in fact i have seen it done. he seemed a bit relieved.


he would still like to marry me (he has told me this before) but i explained once again that we can’t get married but it is okay because i will always be his mama, and he will always be my son, so we will be together forever because of that. i said that one day he might find a partner he wants to marry, but he said, “but if i don’t, i will keep staying with you.” i told him that was fine with me.


i had a dream about our upcoming trip to new york to see my family, and in it, i was walking with my red-headed nephew (whom i have yet to meet) and looking out over the valley at the farms across the way. i was taking pictures with my new camera, because while we walked, although it had been snowing when we started, it turned to rain and i was trying to capture the lightning over these old farms. but my camera was getting wet, and i was getting frustrated. and then suddenly one of the trees near one of the farms in the distance was hit and fell crashing to the ground, taking a power line with it, and it all sort of happened in slow motion, but i knew that no one was hurt and hurried to comfort my nephew, who was scared by the tree (which was of a variety not found in new york; i must have brought it with me from oregon). so i picked him up (he is 2) and then suddenly quinn was there, also needing to be picked up, so i let him climb on my back, and i carried them back to grammy’s house.


quinn on the phone with grammy; taken on my phone camera before the bee’s knees camera came along

(“grammy’s house” is apparently what my nephews call it. i told my mom it is awfully nice of her to let grampy sleep in her house, since grampy’s barn- apparently that is his domain- is not quite as comfortable.)


speaking of my new camera… my mystery man, rich, asked me on a date friday night, and i checked my calendar and made sure i was free. then i told him i would be able to join him for dinner. (actually i still have a hard time remembering not to squeal and jump when he asks me out, and i only attempt to do the aloof calendar check because he does it when i ask him out. all in jest of course.) after i got finished with pilates i did not find him in the library parking lot like i often do, so i called him and, when pressed, he told me he was reading the paper by the park. i had to ask three times before he would answer, so i knew he was being mysterious. and sure enough, when i got out of the library 10 minutes later, he was in the parking lot, holding up my new camera like he was the paparazzi trying to get a photo of me. and people, it is the bee’s knees.


the bee’s knees!



mystery man

it is almost exactly my old camera (a canon eos rebel t3 if you are into those details), but i don’t feel like i have to make some huge commitment to each photo i take, and therefore i am free to take 10 (or 100) different frames of columbine flowers from different angles, playing to my heart’s content. which i spent much of the weekend doing. one of the best birthday presents ever, right up there with playing with dolphins and taking SCUBA lessons (age 15 and 16, respectively). after our date, i pulled off the road at the beach while rich was at the store picking out movies to rent, and took 13 photos of the sunset.


the timing is perfect. everything is in bloom, and my little family of three is off to new york to see my extended family! and take lots of pictures of them, of course. and the blooming things in new york. and any blizzards or lightning we might encounter.


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