hummingbird husbandry

Picture 047 hum ruby

Picture 004 hum

not only do i have rich to thank for the camera that is allowing me to take these photos with wild abandon, i also need to acknowledge him as the primary caretaker of our hummingbird flock. while they are all snuggled into their little hummingbird-down sleepingbags just after dark, and i am connecting up my camera to the computer to download the latest batch of 92 photos of the same bird, rich is dutifully boiling four cups of water and adding one cup of sugar, getting the next morning’s dose of “crack” ready. as soon as we awake, we will look across the room to the sliding glass door and watch the feeding frenzy, already in full swing for the day, and comment to each other on the birds’ behaviors, the antics of the juvenile siblings, and the rate of depletion of the feeder the day before.

Picture 010 hum

Picture 043 hum fluff

IMG_0164 hum

which is to say, i’m really, really lucky. as i sort through photos, waiting for photoshop to load them up so i can increase the contrast and crop them, i sneak glances over toward the tall, dark, handsome man standing at the stove with his excellent yogi posture, stirring sugar into water, pulling it off the heat, letting it cool, carefully pouring it into the feeder that lately is emptied once each and every day. (it’s possible to watch the “glug” of air bubbles as all 8 stations on the two feeders are occupied at once, with more hummingbirds zooming in to try to double up at the feeding trough!) i watch his face, his wide brow peaceful and his strong jaw relaxed, caretaking these tiny beings who bring joy to our whole family.

IMG_0122 hum

IMG_0123 hum

IMG_0124 hum

IMG_0126 hum

2 comments to hummingbird husbandry

  • lb

    Love <3 ! Queen ya-ya has her own flock of ruby throats in NY that I look forward to visiting this year 🙂 and of course a garden full of hummingbird moths. You are a lucky girl 😉

  • leticia

    how lovely. hummingbirds are a symbol of joy, of course. we have just the one kind here – but even with more, I doubt i would end up with such breathtaking photographs! so i am jealous twice over :o)

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