~a month of unschool~ splashing and reflecting

Picture 005

the school year comes to an end, but the unschooling never does. this month of unschooling involved lots of art and outside time! here are some of quinn’s finished art pieces, including his self portrait (india ink on paper) and his “plowl” all glazed and ready to use! one of the wonderful things about ols, and how it aligns so well with unschooling, is the way our “lessons” defy categorization. where do we file “play with colored water to learn how colors mix?” is that art? science? both? it’s not what you think, it’s how you think.

Picture 078 Picture 077 Picture 108

 plowl and colored water project.

Picture 135 Picture 138 Picture 165 Picture 093

the students all participated in a play entirely performed en espanol! quinn played the role of one of the mice in cenicienta (cinderella).

Picture 016 Picture 032 Picture 037 Picture 018

 it seems, from my photos, that playing around and in water was a big thing this month. these are all taken on separate occasions: a beach play date, a picnic by the lake (with water park situated close by) and the mud pit at ols.

Picture 085 Picture 087 Picture 103 Picture 122

 and then to really get out on the water, we took a marine discovery tour around the bay (and a little bit outside the bay- hence the big steller’s sea lions we got to visit out at green # 3.)

Picture 133 Picture 141 Picture 154

 we got to help set some crab traps (my expert crabber was into it, in a nonchalant, been there, done that, sort of way.)

Picture 112

Picture 007 Picture 009

 one afternoon the kids made fruit pizza and enjoyed looking back through photos of the school year from the ols facebook page. reflection is a key aspect of a constructivist education!

Picture 013 Picture 004 Picture 057

 random snuggle pictures, including a trip to see pancakes, one of our new kitties, and bring your stuffed animal to school day featuring flashlight the bear.

Picture 109 Picture 111

 yearbook signing. sniff. always makes me sentimental! it’s his first one…

Picture 112 Picture 138 Picture 151

 playtime with local family-friends.

Picture 159 Picture 170 Picture 171 Picture 194 Picture 199 Picture 208 Picture 209 Picture 212 Picture 217 Picture 231 Picture 239

 and play on the beach time with more local friends. we are rich in friends! and proud of a very successful school year.

Picture 227

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