~rainbow monday~

red Picture 002

red: a late season hummingbird came out to play in the sunny sunday fuschia.

orange zinnia wc filter Picture 016

orange: the one lone zinnia that is finally blooming (watercolor filtered in photoshop)

yellow Picture 153

yellow: one family picnic over from ours, under a glowing yellow tree, last weekend when we celebrated a pancake’s second birthday.

green eyed lady Picture 013

green: green-eyed lady lisa

green eyed boy Picture 024

green eyed boy bart

bob Picture 003

and cousin bob (presumably also green eyed? didn’t get a close enough look.)

blue Picture 019

blue: that thing up there which hasn’t been seen for a few days of rain, but emerged to enable my self care photography session on sunday.

gray Picture 329

gray: zipping up my son into the seal costume, including blubber layer, during my science friday lesson on seals and sea lions.

rainbow reflect Picture 282

without rain, you cannot have rainbows!

that analogy fits me right now. i recently felt like i was in a minor funk, one that lasted long enough to move the needle on my concern-o-meter to “time to act”. it’s all good, and the green smoothies and tea i’ve been drinking (in place of the coffee i am reducing my intake of) are hitting the spot. iron and calcium and vitamin d supplements feel like they are helping. also, the return of the rainy season brings the return of the hot bath to my regular self care routine. this has consistently been one of the most potent self-care rituals on my post-it note list of “things that are fun for me” which i was assigned to make by my first therapist, who knew me at my lowest of lows, when i had to struggle hard to remember what it was i liked or what made me feel good. i still have that list, and i still carry a serious wariness of ever going back to that low low place, so i don’t mess around when the feeling of funk surfaces for me. i crank the self care routines into high gear, and already, a few days in, i feel a shift, a softening. it’s not the specifics on the list, i don’t think, it’s the intention.

i hope you are making rainbows out of your rainy season, too.


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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