~rainbow mondays~ dragons r us

it’s rainbow tuesday again! we had a magical week celebrating a certain boy turning 8 years old, and an even more magical weekend! more pictures to come, this is just a taste of the rainbow.

bunting IMG_6638

red, and friends: after five or more years in storage to become a quilt, i decided to abandon the quilt idea. these colors were so perfect for dragon party decorations anyway!

orange IMG_6629

orange: quinn has been enchanted by the wings of fire series by tui sutherland lately, and the rain wing dragons in that series keep sloths as pets. low budget re-purposed fabric gifts from mama included a pet sloth (his hands are magnetic so he can hang upside down from things) and a hoodie-turned-dragon costume.

yellow IMG_6497

yellow: looking lovely today, and every day.

green IMG_6651

green: party guests got to roll out and top their own personal pizzas.

green IMG_6642

more green: that way they had something in their bellies before they gobbled up dragon cupcakes (those blueberry nostrils are exuding chokecherry fruit leather fire from durango!).

blue IMG_6499

blue: wow, sky. starry dogwood fuzzy buds.

blue IMG_6490

blue: humming dragon on a lofty perch.

blue IMG_6510

blue: chronologically out of order, this was quinn’s birthday cake for school on his actual birthday on monday. he requested cake with the texture and color of sand (but not the flavor of sand, i asked) and blue (a little darker than the sky, more like aquamarine) frosting that tasted like blueberries. he also wanted rainbow sprinkles (but only spread outside the circle of candles- yes he even specified the configuration of his 8 candles!) he is a detail man.

playdough IMG_6664

purple, and friends: playdough dragon sculpting was a popular party activity. i recently learned that switching my (read: my mom’s) standard playdough recipe to coconut oil instead of “vegetable oil” makes luscious, far superior dough for squishing. i may be late to the coconut oil party, though. in case anyone else doesn’t know, i thought it bore mentioning.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

5 comments to ~rainbow mondays~ dragons r us

  • mom of 5 friend

    A marvey display of a color for the Dragon party. It was indeed a very fine event!!

  • Holly

    Love it! All of it. And, I’m trying play dough with coconut oil. After I finish the saint dolls Amy has got me doing. Have you seen all she’s painted? She’s pretty happy about it all whereas I’d rather be writing.

    I wish I could get some great pics like you. Beautiful.


  • i have seen the saint dolls, they are amazing, she needs a blog so she can show them off more effectively! ;D

  • mamaC

    What I’m curious about is the inside of the big cake….the one the color & texture of sand. Yeah, what did that end up being? You having a newly-minted 8 year old (!!!) means that I have an equally-newly-minted eleven year old! (!!!) I visited tonight and I just can’t believe I missed the 8 is Great post/event, but I see that it landed on March 5, and I know I was deep in final preparations for March 7 which was OJT’s big day, and also a big fundraiser for our school (an event built around soup and bread and music and dancing) for which I’d agreed to play drums in the band (and I don’t really play drums!) I think that’s why I wasn’t scrutinizing my inbox items.

    Great to see the beautiful photos belatedly and read up on your happenings. I haven’t been avoiding emailing you, I just haven’t gotten to it. I owe you! (and love you!)

  • correction: starry magnolia!

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