~rainbow mondays~ room refresh

rainbow eggs IMG_7754

it’s time for another rainbow monday observed on tuesday! this time it’s all about egg dyeing and room painting, lots of colorful fun over spring break! in spite of our house-buying negotiations still being up in the air, i decided to practice defiant optimism and apply law of attraction principles by diving into a home improvement project i have been itching to do for a while.

red IMG_7719

red: the new lego nook following quinn’s bedroom makeover. i did some thrifting (soft rug, baskets) and dollar store shopping (veggie trays) to help quinn keep his lego collection manageable.

orange IMG_7720

orange: dragon costume at the ready, beside the lego nook. behind the chimney is a nice place for tucking lego storage bins.


green: the “before” picture. ceiling was partly green, with two walls of brown paneling. blech. quinn wanted the color to be “the same” which was a delight, although i made the ceiling all white and changed the paneling to the “marsh green” that was the closest i could find to the color rich’s daughter had painted the room back in middle school. 🙂

green IMG_7716

green: “after” showing how perfectly the color matches quinn’s grammy quilt.

green IMG_7730

green: “after” view of his whole bed (still being put back together, but gives the idea of what it all looks like. the paper lanterns are new, from the clearance shelf at fred meyer, with 10% additional markdown on home furnishings this week – score!

shelf IMG_7731

green: thrifted shelf for displaying some of quinn’s favorite treasures.

spice rack IMG_7732

another knickknack shelf, an old spice rack i was not making effective use of in the kitchen. bad quality picture, but a fun idea for wookie storage.

blue IMG_7722

blue: his happy reaction upon his return from dad’s house. “can we keep it just like this?!”

blue IMG_7804

blue: helping paint the old chairs a nice bright blue with a $2 can of paint from the habitat for humanity re-store.

blue IMG_7763

blue: good things come to those who wait, and my kiddo has always had that quality. “making haste, it ain’t my cup of meat” says mighty quinn the eskimo, who achieved the bluest navy blue egg of all.

purple IMG_7752

purple: this is the egg he dyed for me, my favorite color of course!

purple IMG_7734

purple and friends: also scored on sale and with additional 10% off, i splurged part of my tax return on a new rug for the room. rich’s assessment: ” it’s busy” ha. quinn heartily approved of my choice, and i know paint and markers will certainly not stain this bad boy.

rainbow art supplies IMG_7809

rainbow art supplies! a place for everything- more dollar store bins, re-purposed toddler tool boxes, and sundries. may your week be as satisfying as a rainbow-sorted box of crayons, or a navy blue easter egg!!!


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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