~rainbow mondays~ outer space, inner space

hello, tuesday! it’s time for another rainbow monday! you’ll have that when you are working 2.5 jobs, trying to buy a house, and let’s throw in jury duty just for fun! whee!


lost creek rainbow

rainbow IMG_8204

i don’t know, something about driving by a full rainbow right over the ocean at lost creek this week inspired me to do a rainbow post…

red IMG_8076

red: ornamental cherry leaves filling out and glowing in the sun

orange IMG_7973

orange: enjoyed a nice sunset walk with rich’s family a few weeks ago.

orange IMG_8312

orange: the rhododendrons look like something from outer space when they drop their petals.

yellow IMG_8288

yellow: speaking of outer space… this is inside a blooming rhododendron, but doesn’t it remind you of the space mountain roller coaster at disney world?

green IMG_8075

green: glowing huckleberry leaves.

q and b IMG_7974

gratuitous pancake sunset photo

blue IMG_8065

blue: backyard dragon

blue IMG_8073

blue: playhouse door hinges

my room IMG_8046

habitat IMG_8051

blue: sort of a caribbean blue, i painted the upstairs hallway, called it “my room”, and used drawers from an old broken dresser to make some shelves. there were three, so i turned the leftover one into a generic habitat backdrop for quinn’s stop-motion animation endeavors. on the left side, you can see quinn’s “finished” bedroom with lots of sunlight flooding in.

purple IMG_8052

purple: date stamp april 17th. feels like unprecedented bloom time for an iris. is it just me?

purple IMG_8045

purple? magenta? oh i know, red violet: this pretty orchid was a birthday present from my sister, and it now sits on the ledge of my bathtub where i remember to water it once a week and it gets eastern sun exposure. not to mention, i can gaze upon its beauty as part of my self care regimen.

i love you mama IMG_8137

“mama i love you” love note on my window from my sweet boy. happy belated mother’s day to all you wonderful mamas! especially mine, i love you, mom!


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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  • sister A

    Glad you were inspired to share some rainbow photos. And looking at beautiful orchids while maintaining the self care is a fabulous idea!!

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