~rainbow mondays~

bunting IMG_9090


red, white and blue and rainbow: happy fourth of july, folks!

pink vaca IMG_8965

pink: front porch of the vacation home. we had a short-term temporary rental fall into place (providence) and will be retreating from landlordly negativity and heading to this little oasis shortly to live out of suitcases and await closing on our new house, so we are calling it the vacation home. so much gratitude for good people and connections made at yoga class!

q IMG_9174

red: speaking of vacation, we took a break from the moving and headed to our local family campsite and had a terrific fourth of july weekend by the creek.

orange IMG_9362

orange: as i was trying yesterday to re-integrate slowly back into moving mode, i found myself sitting with my coffee and camera on the bench in the backyard, when this happened. self care proved to be the best way to start my day, as it turned out to be a very productive “gst” monday (get sh!t together, as my sister and i are calling it these days).

orange IMG_9225

orange: crawdad in the creek by the campsite

yellow IMG_9249

yellow: these butterflies were fluttering through the campsite all weekend!

walter IMG_9063

neon yellow: walter the dog became very good friends with quinn, who was willing to throw the ball into the creek an infinite number of times for walter to fetch.


green IMG_8962

green: asian pear tree (rich’s favorite!) in the front yard at the vacation home.

blue osprey IMG_8971

blue: osprey perched along the route to the vacation home. i’ve seen him there twice so far. in other wildlife news, i saw a bear on friday morning as i left for work! alas, i did not get a picture of the bear, though i did note its presence on a morning when i was really feeling my inner mama bear starting to want to emerge and roar. landlord negativity brings that kind of thing out in me, and the bear galumphing down the driveway felt like a nod to the appropriateness of that instinct.

blue IMG_8998

blue: so many kids can be so well entertained by one inanimate object

blue IMG_9352

blue: one side benefit to straddling two households during this time of year: double blueberry crops to graze!

ducks IMG_9278

brown: ducks racing upstream past our campsite (a family of 15 by quinn’s count!)

black IMG_8959

black: he is clearly quite distressed about all this moving business. or not. the kitties are both big fans of all the shifting boxes they can hide and play and sleep in. crinkly paper inside? even better. bart, in particular, likes to defy laws of physics and fit himself into boxes that are actually smaller than he is.

bubbles q IMG_9289

rainbow: just another version of the rainbow-colored glasses we are seeing the world through these days… as viewed through a heart-shaped lens! i hope your world is all bubbles and butterflies this week!


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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  • your new neighbor

    I love this rainbow!!!! Glad to hear self care is still on the agenda, I have not been very accountable In checking. Gotta love GST days!!! I think the Walter pic is actually my fave this week!! Or the cute 4th of July bunting. 🙂

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