~rainbow mondays~ silos and swallowtails

a new york rainbow!

pink IMG_0336

pink: cosmos, right before i cut them and decorated my mom’s cane with flowers for my brother’s wedding.

pink IMG_0335

sunset yard IMG_1189

pink/red: got a few nice sunset photos throughout the trip.

red IMG_1340

sunset window IMG_1185

there was one kind of like this two years ago

red IMG_1360

orrange IMG_1349

orange: sunset, jewelweed, quinn baking beside the bonfire, night-before-the-wedding tables glowing in afternoon sunlight

orange IMG_0309

bonfire IMG_1252

rainbow IMG_0682

yellow IMG_0345

yellow: black-eyed susan, goldenrod by the acre, cinquefoil (the one with heart-shaped petals), echinacea, eastern swallowtails, silver queen corn on the cob.

yellow IMG_0724

yellow IMG_0452

yellow IMG_0551

yellow IMG_0708

yellow IMG_1278

yellow IMG_0492

green IMG_1353

green: sunset over the orchard, green flowers (one of the myths i never bought into as a child was that i shouldn’t use green crayon to color my flowers, and i am always so happy to see green flowers; as i now know, there are plenty of varieties), lots of sweet corn blanched and bagged in my family’s freezer for winter.

green IMG_0538

green IMG_0315

blue IMG_0546

blue: wedding decor and flowers, the old harvestore silo against partly cloudy central new york sky.

blue IMG_0293

purple IMG_0595

purple: more echinacea, thistle, asters, and sunset (you can never have too many sunset pictures).

purple IMG_0291

purple IMG_0448

sunset tree IMG_1183


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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