~rainbow mondays~ celestial bodies


pink IMG_1440

pink: i admittedly do not count myself among the people who celebrate the arrival of fall, because usually i am too busy grieving the passing of summer. rather than be the grinch who stole equinox, however, i am trying to be a good sport this year and one of the things i am appreciating right now about being up before the sun is collecting more sunrises. the vacation house provides a much more open vista for both sunrise and sunset viewing than did the dragon house, and i have really been enjoying that.

red IMG_1480

red: blueberry leaves

red IMG_1592

red: last night’s sunset was winding down by this time, and looking its reddest.

sunset IMG_1583

orange: this was a few minutes earlier, a bit more orangey. yup, that’s the ocean we can see through the trees at the end of our street.

orange IMG_1500

orange: the best of my mediocre attempts at capturing the moon when it was fully eclipsed two nights ago. on the extremely rare occasion of a clear night on the coast during an astronomical event, you gotta at least pull out the camera and give it a try, right? maybe santa will bring me a tripod and a remote for christmas…


yellow: my shaggy long-haired sunset companion with the sun at his back.

green IMG_1581

green: it’s more inhabited, but we still live on gravel. it’s pretty awesome.

green IMG_1478

green: a little tidbit from my sunday self care; which also featured a hot bath with tea and a book.

blue IMG_1455

blue: oregon coast fall weather….

purple IMG_1460

purple: hummingbird friend, sipping from the butterfly bush.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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