~rainbow mondays~ whale exhalations

it’s still monday for a few more minutes…

red IMG_1688

red: yeah, that is a tiny bride and groom in the distance, it’s almost like they are part of his thought bubble. had a beautiful walk on the beach on sunday with this handsome guy. look at that beard he is growing. hot!

orange IMG_1659

orange: algae on the beach rocks

yellow 20151003_081753

yellow: my sweet saturday market gig was looking particularly picturesque this weekend.

green IMG_1648

green: it was the greenest of the beach photos, but this post is predominantly blue. this is my ruby, i am her lucky fairy dog mother. she is responsible for taking us to the beach, and i presume for calling the whales in close to see us.

kelp IMG_1686

green-blue: kelp in the breakers

blue IMG_1701

two whales IMG_1644

spout IMG_1669

blue IMG_1614

whale kelp IMG_1708

blue: whales. actually, they were gray whales. but the ocean was such a pretty blue that day! these were the best mediocre whale evidence photos i could muster, but what a delight to see seven of them, right from the beach.

purple 20151003_080116

purple: the predominant color in my vegetable palette this weekend. and yes i meant to spell it palette, in the sense that i get to paint with vegetables. but also, they do come stacked on a pallet, before i turn them into a rainbow waterfall of antioxidants.


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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