~rainbow mondays~ it’s always ourselves we find in the sea

colors IMG_2304

welcome to another oregon coast tidepool edition of rainbow mondays…

color IMG_2316

i’ve got a purple finale planned, so i am going to stick the grays, black and whites, and blinding white light shots up front.

black IMG_2293

gray, black, and blinding white light.

black and white IMG_2247

black and white: yin and yang again

up IMG_2201

stem IMG_2209

horse IMG_2218

grays: plane, kelp and horse, all from our saturday walk

gray IMG_2290

gray: sunday’s gray contingent. seal shenanigans – i like the one airing its hind flippers, and the two fwapping each other in the face with their front flippers.

gray IMG_2286

and of course i like that baby in the foreground, clearly in prime position to do what mammal babies do best.

gray with heron IMG_2291

it’s also fun when a heron flies through the picture you’re taking of the seals. have i mentioned i love it here?

ok, time for some color…

snail IMG_2338

pink: hermit crab on calcified red algae

pink IMG_2048

pink: sunrise over confused rhododendron, in full bloom in november.

red IMG_2353

red: arguably not my finest photo, but when quinn heard i still needed red for my rainbow, he quickly pointed out that the bucket of sludge i was carrying off the beach was red. solved. (i am not entirely sure of the contents- might have been new oil, might have been used oil, but it was oil, about 3 gallons of it that needed to be far away from my beach, my seabirds, my seals, and my tidepools.)

orange IMG_2108

orange: it’s ruby’s thanksgiving vacation at the vacation house! we love our puppy.

orange IMG_2176

orange: puzzling over this shrub, found in the dunes, showing off in fall colors. are these rose hips? i didn’t stop long enough to check for thorns, but i want to say that a rose is a better guess than a poison oak/goji berry hybrid cross.

nudi urchin IMG_2349

orange: nudibranch. this is after i accidentally fed him to the sea urchin, trying to nudge him into a better photo position, and then rescued him from said urchin. sorry urchin, you’re on your own.

orange IMG_2267

orange: neat looking rocks

octo IMG_2298

orange: an octopus casualty melting into the beach rocks.

yellow IMG_2110

yellow: small fraction of the reading material available at the vacation house.

sunbeam IMG_2401

yellow: he’s a little sun beam.

green IMG_2166

green IMG_2163

green: hobbit habitat from the saturday walk quinn and i took ruby on.

green IMG_2330

green IMG_2328

green: the sunday walk anemones; also, we did see one healthy sea star. (orange; not pictured)

reflect cloud IMG_2372

blue: the clouds were in the water

eagle IMG_2120

blue: yawn, another eagle picture. (same couple, i think. we were just across the street from where we saw them last week)

whale IMG_2226

blue: whale sightings from the beach. reason number one i live here.

dunes IMG_2178

moonwalk IMG_2232

blue: boy, dog, dune, moon.

purple ripple IMG_2321

purple: the grand finale, just like fireworks bursting, but all involving purple, so, even better than fireworks.

purple ripple crop IMG_2321

ripple effects…

purple orange IMG_2322

sometimes i play with photoshop… these 3 are just little corners of urchin photos, blown up and with extra contrast… things get abstract…

purple orange abstract 2 IMG_2322

purple orange abstract IMG_2322

purple IMG_2326

ahem, we were having a finale.

purple IMG_2311

purple green IMG_2320

only thing better than purple – purple and green!

purple and green IMG_2269

purple abstract IMG_2320

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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