~rainbow mondays~ heart-shaped holidays

heart shaped lens1

this week in rainbows: raining rainbow hearts on his sweet face.

heart shaped lens3

remembering to see my world through my heart-shaped lens over the holidays…

heart shaped glasses IMG_2685

seeing the world through heart-shaped glasses

heart shaped glasses IMG_2696

he says it looks like hearts are coming out of his mouth!

bubble lights IMG_2753

red: generation x, raise your hand. several of my friends had these bubble lights when i was growing up, and my housemate dug out hers for us to use this year. don’t mind the slightly melted bases on most of them, they’re completely safe! by the way, does anyone know how to actually get them to stay upright? #firehazard

woodpecker IMG_2824

red: there’s a lot more blue in this photo than red (christmas day blue sky!) but the red on this little guy’s head wins. i have never called myself a birder, but i thought it was funny to accidentally be bird watching on christmas day when all the birders were doing their counts. sunshine beckoned during a lull in my household responsibilities, and my camera and i heeded the call.

orange smile bringer IMG_2581

orange: last few minutes of wearing his orange belt, just before being awarded his purple belt, and being complimented for being the “resident smile bringer” of the dojo. mama has lots of evidence of his smile-bringing from behind her heart-shaped lens.

orange IMG_2755

orange: same food, different day. it’s all about formatting.

yellow IMG_2732

yellow: winter squash gnocchi with pesto, a delicious way to use up a whole squash. they’re even better “reheated” (which is what i call it when i fry them in butter. mmm.)

yellow IMG_2723

yellow: we have numerous moons hanging on the tree, which is appropriate given this year’s rare christmas full moon!

green IMG_2738

green: my youngster, who is looking more and more like the person i saw in my dreams when i was pregnant with him (i never could picture my baby’s appearance, but i saw him clearly as a 16 year old – with this same hair), wrapping a present for his dad.

green IMG_2852

green: one of the sweet, thoughtful gifts quinn chose for me. good for taking accidental self portraits, apparently. he tells me with absolute certainty that it is made of emerald!


blue: “i wanna know, have you ever seen the rain comin’ down on a sunny day?” thinking disproportionately a lot about my older brother (this song always makes me think of him), who, with his wife, is once again taking awesome to new extremes, once again in a “not my story to tell” kind of way. oh, the heartstrings.

blue IMG_2655

blue: borrowed ornaments making spirits bright.

risk IMG_2766

blue: happy boy with a new game to play, a whole world to dominate. we played a rousing round of risk with rich and his mom (to whom i affectionately refer as my outlaw), and rich won, even though i temporarily conquered siberia, yakutsk and kamchatka from him, falsely claiming fondness for the climate in that region. he knew i was being ingenuine and swept asia. beginner’s luck?


purple: brand new purple belt! so proud!

brown IMG_2747

brown: song sparrow perched along the fenceline.

brown IMG_2853

golden brown: the shallow angle of winter sunlight on decaying flower heads simultaneously lamenting the passing of autumn, and promising of spring.

~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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