~rainbow mondays~ pink is in

pink IMG_4523

pink IMG_4563

blossom IMG_4410

pink: a little shy on red this time of year, but i will supplement with some pink! took rich out on a sunshine-filled beach date after my farmer’s market job on saturday. lucky for me, it was low tide, and i got to snap some tidepool pictures, including bright pink sea anemones. the sun was setting as i headed to my other job to run a pump that night, so i pulled over for a sunset photo. pink is in this week, as every ornamental tree lining the streets is in full bloom.

orange IMG_4556

orange IMG_4493

orange: tumbled bricks on the beach, where a lot of storm erosion has changed the landscape. rich agreed this hunk of patio is shaped like a heart.

yellow IMG_4487

yellow IMG_4570

yellow: yellow flowers along the cliff, and daffodils everywhere else… looking at their lovely selves in the equally ubiquitous puddles.

green IMG_4524

green IMG_4549

green: anemones, sea glass, on the tossed and tumbled beach.

eaglel IMG_4449

blue IMG_4567

blue: i was late to the farm stand on saturday morning, because this eagle showed up in our yard. true story. then when i got home, i saw that the first plum blossom had opened. it must have felt the same way i do about blue sky and sunshine.

purple IMG_4546

purple: one tiny sea urchin spine on the whole beach, but i found it. (gotta keep that beach vision sharp!)


~rainbow mondays~

a splash of color on monday morning

a photo study documenting the colors of the spectrum: the balance points between light reflected and light absorbed

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